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Winter '97 - Spring '98                                                        Volume 49  No. 4



22 Playing the Polynesian Card

David Hart has found success selling an act that builds on his Pacific ethnic heritage. But what's a natural advantage on the one hand works against him sometimes. He's confident, though, that hard work and his developed skills with and without props will take him far in Hollywood.


9 Julian's Big Trick

Joseph Weisberg tells the tale of a driven juggler named Julian, a numbers monster who didn't know when to stop. Talk about suffering for your art!


13 Primping for Primm

Read all the details on the IJA's 51st anniversary festival this summer in Primm, Nevada. Get ready for big shows, big roller coasters, a monorail, and the best hotel rates anywhere in the desert! The registration deadline is coming up soon, so make your plans now!


26 A Final Farewell to Pittsburgh

Dan McDonald says "farewell" to the lJA's 50th anniversary festival with an examination of the late-night scene on. the gym floor, while Russ Kaufman muses on what he learned from sitting among the living legends at the Cascade of Stars Show.


25 A Unique Challenge Juggle

Tanja Hutter composes the story of Canadian juggler (or is it "non-juggler?") Bill Ferguson, who takes the concept of a challenge juggle to whole new levels of psychological intrigue and drama. It's a routine that audience members love... as long as they aren't involved!


42 Finally, An Answer!

Jack Kalvan resorts to scientific formulae and a unique hand tool to answer the age-old question, "Just how many balls is it possible for a person to juggle?"


29 Home, Sweet, Home in the Mall

The Salt Lake City juggling club has found a home in a local shopping mall, and the elements of the successful arrangement have proved profitable for management, shopkeepers and jugglers alike.



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On the Cover:  David Hart

On the Cover:  David Hart

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