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IJA BOARD MEETING - August 2, 2000

Present: Board Chairman Braidy Brown; Directors Art Jennings, Martin Frost, Norman Schneiderman, Paul Richmond, Katje Sabin, Ben Schoenberg; CAO Bob Mahler; Secretary/Treasurer Richard Dingman; Guest Stan Allen of Stagewrite Publishing.

Meeting called to order by Braidy at 5pm. Board notetaker Becky Schneiderman is excused to set up a show; Katje volunteers to take minutes.

Minutes: No minutes were presented for approval.

Agenda: Due to new board seating, no formal agenda is in place. Items to be discussed include:

  1. Election of new board chair
  2. Meet with Stan re: JUGGLE magazine
  3. Develop plan to respond to concerns raised at the Annual Member Meeting

New Business:

Chair Election: Martin nominates Paul as chair. Katje seconds. Paul accepts the nomination, the vote is unanimous and Paul is now chair.

(While Stan is on his way to the meeting, the board informally discusses methods to improve communication within the organization.)

JUGGLE Magazine: New board members and staff are made familiar with the contract between Stan and the IJA. Stan presents early data compiled from a reader's questionnaire (survey results are the property of Stagewrite Publishing, and Stan requests that they not be distributed at this time). Several marketing and distribution methods are discussed.

Wrap-up: Several board members have to leave at this point. The board agrees to reconvene the next day. The agenda is to include another meeting with Stan to finish going over his documents and to allow the board to ask him questions, and to prioritize the issues the board needs to address in the near future. Paul asks each board member to review the documents they have received, and to come back tomorrow with a list of prioritized issues. The board agrees to do so.

Adjournment: The meeting is adjourned at 6:02pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Katje Sabin

Previous minutes: July 25, 2000 | List of available minutes | Next minutes: August 3, 2000
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