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Events of interest to jugglers

The highlight of the IJA's year is our annual festival.

These events are from The Juggling Edge. The links under the titles take you to the Juggling Edge page for the event. If you would like your event to appear here post it on the Juggling Edge and the net will take care of the rest.

The IJA sends newsletters to its members near the end of the month. If you would like your event included contact the editor at

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Au Bout des Doigts - Convention Nationale de Jonglerie (French National Juggling Convention)

IJA 71st Juggling Festival

Circus Historical Society Annual Convention 2018


FarbenSommer-Convention 2018

41st European Juggling Convention 2018, Azores

Acroatia - Croatian Acrobatic Festival 2018

Jongl' Ô Païs 2018

Jonglier- und POI-Convention

Play Festival 2018

FDC 2018, Finnish Diabolo Convention

Cambridge Acro Festival 2018

17th International juggling and theatre workshop ALEJE 2018

Phoenix Fire Convention 2018

Rock and Flow Festival 2018

Beskidzkie Spotkanie Kuglarskie vol.1

De Skjève Conventie 6de editie

7. Suderburger Jongliernacht

Manchester Juggling Convention...On Tour

28. Pyramidales Jonglier und Kleinjunstfestival

"5 Tours de Pass'pass"

Rastelli Festival 2018

SJC 2018 - Lozärn jongliert

4th Annual Yavapai Juggling Festival

7. Tübinger Jonglierconvention

Broxford Juggling Convention 2018

Fly High: 3rd Annual Acro & Aerial Convention of Norwich

Arcosanti Stiltasana USA 2018

Cupula Circus Village Festival

Kansas City Juggling Festival 2018

Slovenski Akro FEstival - SAFE

Camvention 2018 - Cambridge Juggling Convention

13. J-Fest Türkiye Jonglörlük Festivali (Turkish Juggling Fest)

Herfst Jongleer Weekend 2018

Fluid Juggling Autumn Special Intensive Workshop in Italy

4. Tohuwabohu-Convention

Deutsche Yo-Yo Meisterschaft 2018

Ich Jonglier mit meiner Laterne - Hamburg

6ème Convention de Cirque - Polichinelle

Herxheim Jonglierconvention

London Circus Symposium

Manipulation 2018

Durham Juggling Convention

Milton Keynes Juggling Convention 9

2. Knielinger Jonglier- und Akrobatiknacht

La Convention Africaine de Jonglerie 2018

Leeds Juggling Convention 2018 **Provisional Date**

Mondo Juggling & Unicycle Arts

Tucson Juggling Festival 2019

British Juggling Convention 2019

European Juggling Convention 2019

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