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IJA Board Meeting - July 17, 2001.

Present: Paul Richmond, board chair; Martin Frost, Ben Schoenberg, Todd Strong, Art Jennings, Braidy Brown, Katje Sabin, directors; Norman Schneiderman, general manager.

Not present: Ginny Rose, fest coordinator; Richard Dingman, secretary/treasurer.

The meeting was called to order at 1am July 18, 2001 Greenwich Mean Time (6pm, July 17, 2001, Pacific Daylight Time).

The agenda was agreed upon.


MOTION: Paul moved to accept the corrected minutes of the May 22, 2001, board meeting. Martin seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

MOTION: Paul moved to accept the corrected minutes of the June 26, 2001, board meeting. Katje seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

Staff reports:

General Manager: Norman reported that the staff are getting ready for the festival. The financial reports are in flux due to changes in the way the festival income is being reported, but that they will be at the festival and up to date. The goal is that quarterly financial reports will be posted on the IJA Web site and the board members will get monthly updates. The tax return for 2000 is not yet done but our deadline is sometime in August and Norman is certain that we will make that deadline easily.

Festival coordinator: Ginny was not at the meeting but gave Paul three 2002 fest site options via email. The goal will be to announce the 2002 fest site at the 2001 festival.

Secretary/Treasurer: Richard was not at the meeting. He is working on the financial reports.



A questionnaire is being developed for member input.

Additional topics for the annual meeting were solicited, and will include: JUGGLE magazine, possible new member dues, membership drive, incentives, and volunteers for committees.

The annual report is being developed.

The board table in the gym will include: a notebook for member comments, the new brochures, a binder with the last year's minutes, other organizational documents for viewing and comment.

Motionfest: a table exchange between Motionfest and the IJA fest was encouraged. Todd and Braidy will find volunteers to staff the IJA table at Motionfest.


The new brochure should be published and available at the festival.

The Life Member letter is ready to go and Paul will do his best to get it out before the festival.

Fundraising drive: The latest version of the letter is complete and will be sent to the membership by September 1, 2001. Martin will do layout; Paul will oversee final mailing details.

MOTION: Membership drive: Martin moved that we launch a membership drive contest with first, second and third prizes for individuals and vendors, with a minimum level to enter contest with an as-yet unspecified incentive. Braidy seconded and the motion passed unanimously except that Ben abstained.


MOTION: Member rate change: Martin moved that, since we have obtained better international mailing rates, we change the non-U.S. dues to $34 in Canada and $39 for other countries. Paul seconded and the motion passed unanimously.

MOTION: Donation program: Ben volunteered to oversee the design of an incentive program for donations, similar to those seen on PBS. Ben moved that the IJA not accept donations in exchange for VIP seating and to not announce it on the Web or at the festival. Katje seconded. Paul suggested an amendment as follows: that the board work on an incentive donation program and not award premiums before the program is in place. Ben agreed to the amendment. The motion failed: Ben, Katje in favor; Paul, Martin, Todd against; and Braidy, Art abstain.

Date of next meeting: The board will have dinner with the newly elected board members at 6:00pm July 25 in Madison. The next board meeting will be decided at that gathering; the intention is to hold at least one business meeting during the festival.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:45am GMT 7/18/01 (8:45pm PDT 7/17/01).

Previous minutes: June 26, 2001 | List of available minutes | Next minutes: July 26, 2001

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