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IJA Board Meeting - December 16, 2003


The meeting was called to order at 8:40pm CST.


David Davis, chair; Jaye Butler, Andrew Conway, Greg Phillips, Ben Schoenberg, Scott Slesnick (joined the meeting at 8:50pm CST), Todd Strong, directors.

Also present: Katje Sabin, recording secretary; Dan Howard, treasurer; Martin Frost, webmaster.


APPROVAL OF AGENDA: The agenda was accepted by unanimous consent.



The minutes of the November 18, 2003, meeting were approved via the Internet previously. The board voted to ratify the approval.
Aye: Andrew, Greg, Ben, Todd
Abstain: Jaye, Dave
The previous approval of the minutes of the Nov. 18, 2003, meeting was ratified.



The reports of the membership secretary, the festival director and the treasurer have already been submitted. Dan was on hand for discussion, and he answered some questions and went into detail on several items.


(At this point in the meeting, Dan Howard left the call. Soon after, Scott Slesnick joined the call)





The board voted to ratify election procedures as follows:

  • That the number of directors shall remain 7 (seven);
  • Dates for the upcoming 2004 election shall be as follows:
  • (Note: deadlines at 11:59pm Pacific Time)
  • March 15, 2004: Nomination submission deadline for candidate's name to appear in JUGGLE magazine (May/Jun issue).
  • March 31, 2004: Candidacy statement submission deadline for statement to appear in JUGGLE magazine (May/Jun issue). Statements for JUGGLE are limited to 100 words.
  • June 15, 2004: Nomination submission deadline for candidate's name to appear on the ballot at the festival and on the IJA's nominations web page. Write-in votes will be allowed on the ballot.
  • June 15, 2004: Candidacy statement submission deadline for statement to appear on the IJA's nominations web page. Statements for the IJA's nominations web page are limited to 350 words.
  • Submissions are accepted only by email to:

The election procedures were ratified by unanimous consent.

JUGGLE contract:The JUGGLE Magazine contract was discussed.

Video contract: The discussion of the video contract will be postponed until the next meeting.


The following positions were appointed:

Webmaster Ron Harvey, approved by unanimous consent.

Communication Director Martin Frost:
Aye: Andrew, Greg, Ben, Scott, Todd
Abstain: Jaye, Dave
Martin Frost is appointed communications director.

Grant Writers Kim Laird and Rob Barowski, approved by unanimous consent.

Merchandise Manager Deb Bolin, approved by unanimous consent.

The board wishes to thank our new volunteers for their time and energy.

Joggling: The board is considering a proposal from the International Sport Juggling Federation, represented by Bill Giduz, to run the annual joggling event at the Buffalo festival.

Status of Director Jaye Butler:

Jaye has not attended three consecutive board meetings of September 18, 2003, October 21, 2003, and November 18, 2003. Jaye stated that health problems had prevented her attending.



Young Jugglers' Age for the Festival:

Jaye moved to increase the maximum age for the young juggler rate at the festival from 13 to 15 years of age.
Aye: Jaye, Ben, Todd
Nay: Andrew, Greg, Scott
Abstain: Dave
Motion does not pass.

Formation of an Elections Committee:

After some discussion, Greg moved for the formation of an Elections Committee, to consist of one board member and four other volunteers solicited from the membership. The committee is to provide the board with recommendations concerning all pre-election procedures, not later than end January, and with recommendations regarding procedures for the conduct of the elections not later than end March.
Motion passed by unanimous consent.

The board appointed Greg to serve as the board representative on the Elections Committee.
Appointment approved by unanimous consent.

Approval of budget for archive acquisitions:

This subject was postponed until the next meeting when it will be considered as part of the full budget for 2004.

Fund-raising letter:

Todd is willing to work on a revision of a fund-raising letter being sent to the Life Members.

(Greg leaves the meeting at 10:15pm CST)

Karl-Heinz Ziethen:

The previous arrangement the IJA has had with Karl-Heinz is unclear. Todd agrees to speak with Karl-Heinz and gain his understanding of past arrangements. This subject will be revisited at the next board meeting.



The board agreed to set the next meeting date in January, and to arrange the exact date via the Internet.



The meeting was adjourned by unanimous consent at 10:25pm.

Previous minutes: November 18, 2003 | List of available minutes | Next minutes: January 13, 2004
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