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Board Meeting
July 17, 2009 10:34 am

Roll Call

Present - Kim Laird, Kevin Axtell, Ken Farris, Thom Wall, Kevin McBeth
Not Present - Anthony Shave, Richard Kennison

Other Officers in attendance - David Landowne, Steve Rahm, Chuck Hawley

Approval of Agenda

Motion : Kevin Axtell
Second : Thom Wall
Discussion/corrections : Passed by Unanimous Consent


 Forum activity by Chuck Hawley, tentative treasury report by Kevin McBeth

Motion to Approve Brandi Slater as new recording secretary

Motion : Kevin Axtell
Second : Ken Farris
Discussion : Passed by Unanimous Consent

Motion to reduce IJA cell phone plan cost

Motion : Ken Farris
Second : Kevin Axtell
Discussion : Martin Frost sent an email detailing our current plan and future options. In it he suggests that the IJA drop down to 1 cell phone rather than 5, and thereby drop costs from $178/mo to $7 - $14/mo. Jim Maxwell will have the remaining IJA phone for membership calls. The other 4 IJA phones are currently held by Kim Laird, Todd Strong, Sandy Brown and Mike Sullivan. Martin suggests switching to a pay-as-you-go plan for the 1 remaining phone either through Boost Mobile or Virgin Mobile. Boost Mobile would be .10/minute or approximately $7/month. However, Boost would not allow Jim to keep his current number, and has an older network that would likely have less coverage. Virgin Mobile would be .20/minute or approximately $14/month. Virgin uses the same network as Sprint, and the current number could be transferred to this plan. Coverage would likely be better than Boost. Martin suggests using Virgin mobile to retain the old number and ensure coverage. International calls on both plans cost extra, but that cost would be less than the cost of international calls on the current plan. A new phone would have to be purchased in either case, which would probably cost between $20 - $80.

Passed by Unanimous Consent

Motion to approve sharing storage for festival gear

Motion : Kevin Axtell
Second : Ken Farris
Discussion : The IJA currently pays to ship festival gear to a members' house for storage, then ships it to the next festival location. Member Steph Walsh has a storage unit in Winston-Salem and has offered to let the IJA store the gear there and ship it straight to the next festival location. The IJA will pay 1/4 of the cost of the unit.

Passed by Unanimous Consent

---10:58 Kevin Axtell exits

Motion to approve Ken Farris as temporary Video Coordinator

Motion : Thom Wall
Second : Kevin McBeth
Discussion : Passed by Unanimous Consent

Board Tasks

Kevin McBeth - Treasurer and IJA store manager
Kevin Axtell - outline and initiate a plan for IJA school programs paid for by NEA grants
Anthony Shave - magazine duties
Thom Wall - marketing and promotion
Ken Farris - video contracts and promotion, video liaison, planting the juggling seed show on DVD
Richard Kennison - create program to put IJA members in touch with professional organizations e.g. Cirque


-Consider making Festival Director a permanent, paid position due to the demands and difficulties of the job. Payment could be a monthly stipend in addition to a percentage of festival profits.
-Find ways to work more closely with affiliates and local clubs, especially during festival week
-Need to find a Championships director for next year
-Come up with prizes and incentives for members who get other people to sign up as members, have a donation drive

Next Board Meeting

August 26, 2009 at 8pm E.T

Motion to Adjourn

Motion : Thom Wall
Second : Ken Farris

11:54 meeting adjourned

Previous minutes: July 14, 2009 | List of available minutes | Next minutes: August 24, 2009 |
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