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Regular Board Meeting June 16, 2010...

1. CALL TO ORDER: Chair Kim Laird called the meeting to order at 8:08 p.m. EST.

2. ROLL:

Present: Kim Laird (Chair), Kevin Axtell, Kevin McBeth, and Thom Wall (Board Members), Mike Sullivan (future fest site coordinator), Marilyn Sullivan (memberships director), Holly Greeley (bookkeeper)

Also invited to attend are board candidates Erin Stephens, Matt Hall and Philip DePalo. Phillip DePalo was in attendance.

Absent: Brandi Slater (recording secretary), Ken Farris, Richard Kennison, Martin Frost (communications director)

3. APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Kecvin Axtell moved to approve the agenda for June 16, 2010. Second by Thom Wall.

4. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Kevin Axtell moved to approve the minutes from the regular board meeting of May 19, 2010 making the corrections listed below. Second by Thom Wall.

**Correct 2010 fest report by MIke Sullivan to 2011.

**Correct – Martin Frost was absent for the May meeting.


2010 Fest (Kim Laird)... Everything is right on schedule for the start of the fest on July 26. Mike Sullivan and I have discussed and selected a credential system that will stay well within the budget. The stage situation has been resolved and we are set to have our championships on the Nugget Showroom Stage on Wednesday and Thursday and the CoS on Saturday on the Nugget Showroom Stage. Friday the IJA will present “A Taste Of Vaudeville” on the stage in Nugget Ballroom B. Thanks to Mike and Martin for getting out an email blurb concerning the switch of the Friday and Saturday show schedule as well as advertising internet options for our members. Keith emailed all performers prior to the general email announcement so all performers are also informed of the changes. I am still in search of a parliamentarian for the annual business meeting which is required by policy set in 2008 (but I do finally have a lead on someone) and I am still in search of a director for numbers competition. Richard Kennison has agreed to be our 2010 Championships Director. We have surpassed our required 80% of 900 room nights. Only 39 days left until the start of the 2010 fest and we are in good shape with our expenses, income, and the “to-do” list (very few things left to be completed).

2011 Fest (Mike Sullivan)– Fifty-seven or so weeks out. Things rolling along. Budget draft is being constructed and should be ready for review by Holly soon. Still firming up headliners and such. Working on promotional flyers and promo video. Corresponded with Thom Wall about proposition for free vendor space for any vendor advertising in JUGGLE over the next year. Working on long lead time misc. items now. Fest items from Sparks will be stored at Kevin McBeth’s home for the Rochester fest. This will save on shipping costs.

Financial (Kevin McBeth & Holly Greeley)... No big news this month. Q@ statements should be ready for the Sparks Fest.

Store (Sandy Brown & Kevin McBeth)... Back issue magazines (JUGGLE and Juggler’s World) soon finished online and have already sold a few issues. Need long term distributor. Looking at Amazon or similar service.

Membership (Marilyn Sullivan & Jim Maxwell)...

Here are the membership numbers:

# member records 1389

# members 1681

# youths 76 (some past youth were never moved to adult status... they have now been moved into their proper category)

# lifetime 280

# families 203

# of festival records (1 person per record) 259, 10 special workshops

Membership Drive (Kim Laird)... The final drawing for membership drive prizes will take place at noon eastern time on World Juggling Day, June 19.

Education (Kevin Axtell)...The Youth Education Program is being prepared to roll at the 2010 fest. The plan was to limit the first year to 10 participants since this is a pilot program at this point. Within a week of announcing this program the 10 slots were filled. Make sure YEP is scheduled in slots that do not overlap with major workshops.

Marketing/Promotions (Thom Wall)... Currently working on redesign of the eNewsletter. Thom has been speaking with an organizer of the Costa Rican Juggling fest. Interested in an IJA stage event at their fest. 200-300 people expected at this event. More information to be passed on to the board.


A. Motion to approve 2010 Festival video contract with Ivan Pecel. (see Attachment A)

Motion: Kevin Axtell

Second: Kevin McBeth

Discussion: Idea of video downloads through the IJA website rather than hard copy of fest discussed. David Landowne has told me through email that the IJA website can handle video downloads and the store has capability for this as well. Question about pirating of downloads. Discussion addressed it is just as easy to pirate a hard copy DVD. Board agreed it’s the right direction to go. Need to investigate whether we would still need to used royalty free music with downloads. Vote to approve contract using digital downloads but need to research and decide later about royalty free music.

Amended Motion to approve 2010 Festival video contract with Ivan Pecel pending royalty free vs. original music. DVD will need to read digital download.

Motion:Kevin Axtell Second: Kevin McBeth

Vote: approved unanimously

B. Motion to approve IJA participation in creating a series of instructional videos through knowlera.com/monkeysee.com. (see Attachment B)

Motion: Thom Wall

Second: Kevin Axtell

Discussion: Greg Pollack from MonkeySee.com had phone meeting with Kim and it would cost IJA some money. IJA provides performer and performer transportation. Filming takes place in one day. $300-$400 per video in series cost to IJA. Kim has discussed this with Michael Karas and he is very interested in helping the IJA with this project and performing in the videos. 1. redistribution rights? yes 2. # of videos on tv?

Vote: tabled ... motion to table: Thom Wall Second: Kevin Axtell

C. Motion to approve the acquisition of an IJA debit card for 2011 festival director, Mike Sullivan.

Motion: Kevin McBeth

Second: Kevin Axtell

Discussion: none

Vote: approved unanimously


Wishing Ken Farris well as he leaves the board. Luck to Richard Kennison, Phillip DePalo, Erin Stephens, and Matt Hall in their run for a seat on the IJA board.

8. NEXT MEETING: Next regular BOD meeting will be held one hour prior to the Annual Business Meeting at the IJA Festival in Sparks, Nevada. Wednesday, July 28 at 11am pacific time will be the meeting prior to the ABM. Meeting place will be determined and announced onsite.

9. ADJOURNMENT: Thom Wall moved to adjourn the meeting. Second by Kevin Axtell. Meeting adjourned at 9:04 pm eastern time.

Attachment A...


2010 DVD production of IJA festival in Sparks, NV Monday, July 26, 2010 through Sunday, August 1, 2010 (inclusive) This is an agreement by and between Ivan Pecel (IP) and THE INTERNATIONAL JUGGLERS' ASSOCIATION (IJA), a Delaware non-stock corporation, of mailing address: PO Box 7307, Austin, TX 78713-7307, USA.

IP responsibilities:

1. Create digital video recordings of the Youth Showcase / Junior's Championships, Individuals / Teams Championships, Cascade of Stars and Farewell shows during the 2010 IJA festival in Sparks, NV.

2. Create master video segments (CHAMPIONSHIPS/ SHOWS/HIGHLIGHTS) consisting of highlights of the festival including, but not limited to, the juggling floor, workshops and stage shows, as well as all acts appearing in the Individuals, Teams and Juniors Championships (space permitting).

3. Create a NUMBERS CHAMPIONSHIPS video with minimal post production.

4. Create CASCADE OF STARS and FAREWELL SHOW videos with minimal post production work.

5. Complete post-production work under the advice and consent of the IJA as to content and outline.

6. Upload completed masters of CHAMPIONSHIPS/ HIGHLIGHTS videos to predetermined website.

7. Meet all deadlines as outlined in PROJECT DEADLINES schedule.

8. Accomplish these PROJECTS at his own expense such that all expenses other than those outlined in IJA RESPONSIBILITIES paragraph below, are to be "out of pocket" expenses to IP.

IJA responsibilities:

1. Provide housing during the festival week: July 26-August 1, 2010.

2. Reimburse IP for gas to and from the festival. IP must supply receipts for reimbursement.

2. Obtain video releases from all participants, and notify IP of any performers who are not covered by the video release or have placed restrictions on video rights.

3. Furnish music rights, if available, from competitors for music used in competitions.

4. Meet all deadlines as outlined in PAYMENT AND SCHEDULE section.

5. The IJA agrees to indemnify IP against all liability and expenses caused by claims for infringement of copyright or rights of privacy or publicity based on the reproduction or distribution of a recording as authorized by this agreement.


1. All video shot during the 2010 IJA Festival, and all resulting raw footage masters and PROJECTS are the property of the IJA, and the IJA is, and will be, the owner of the copyright and all other rights in and to these PROJECTS subject to such rights, if any, as may have been retained by the performers.

2. All tapes, including all raw footage and masters, will remain in the possession of IP for use in future IJA promos.

3. IP may include portions of the IJA festival footage in his demo or self-promotion tapes.

4. All orders for video will be solicited through the IJA offices and none will be made to or by IP.


1. The IJA will pay IP $7500.00 if original performer music is used for competition pieces (royalty free for montage pieces)or $8500 if all royalty free music is required to be dubbed. Fifty percent within two days upon completion and uploading to predetermined website and fifty percent within thirty days of said delivery.

PROJECT SCHEDULE DEADLINE NOTE: All dates in this section are subject to change only by (a) events outside of the control of IP, including strikes, failure of suppliers to meet contracted schedules, and the like, and or (b) by mutual written agreement of both parties, IP and the IJA. Any changes to the video requested the IJA beyond those laid out in the following schedule will add one week per revision to the related deadline without penalty to IP.

1. CHAMPIONSHIPS/HIGHLIGHTS: The first draft will be submitted for IJA approval by delivery to the IJA Video Coordinator no later than October 1, 2010 and the IJA will approve or request any changes within ten days of receipt.

2. CHAMPIONSHIPS/HIGHLIGHTS: The completed PROJECT will be delivered to the IJA no later than November 1, 2010.

3. NUMBERS CHAMPIONSHIPS: The completed PROJECT will be delivered to the IJA no later than October 15, 2010.

4. CASCADE OF STARS and FAREWELL SHOW: The completed PROJECTS will be delivered to the IJA no later than November 1, 2010.

5. If the above mentioned deadlines are not met, IP will forfeit ten percent of his fee. This penalty will compound weekly (i.e. ten percent for week one over deadline, twenty percent for week two, thirty percent for week three, etc.) until the final PROJECTS are delivered (in a final form that is satisfactory to the IJA) to the IJA's assigned representative. However, IP will not be held liable for any deadlines which are not met due to any actions by the IJA as noted above.

Attachment B...

MonkeySee.com Porposal

It is proposed that the IJA work in conjunction with monkeysee.com to produce a series of juggling instructional videos. It is up to the board how many videos would be included in the series and the IJA would have the option of expanding the series at a later time if they wish.

IJA Responsibilities:

A. Provide an instructor for the video segments.

B. Cover instructor’s travel expenses to Washington, DC.

C. Create an outline of what we envision for the video series. This would be created with the IJA selected instructor.

D. Pay monkeysee.com $200-$300 (not to exceed $300) per video in the series.

Monkeysee.com Responsibilities:

A. Provide a production coordinator to the IJA to coordinate filming.

B. Edit and produce any and all videos on the series (this costs monkeysee.com several thousands of dollars from start to finish).

C. Arranges syndication on both local and national networks as well as on the internet. Over 400 websites license monkeysee.com videos.

D. Provide IJA with either monthly or quarterly view reports.

E. Provide IJA with either a link to the monkeysee.com site or with videos to be uploaded for viewing on the IJA website.

Other Pertinent Information:

A. It will take approximately half a day (about 6 hours) to complete filming for a short series.

B. Turn-around time from filming day to internet upload (“publishing”) is a maximum of 60 days. Monkeysee.com was hoping for the release of the first video on World Juggling Day but time is too short. Second release date discussed was July 26, 2010... opening day of the IJA festival.

C. All videos would have a blurb about the IJA. It would include what the IJA is, what we do, and contact information. The first video would contain a longer version of this blurb with subsequent videos in the series having a slightly shorter version.

D. IJA logo and website information would appear on all videos in the series.

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