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Regular Board Meeting June 15, 2011 @ 8:15pm Eastern Time...

Tentative minutes. Not approved.

1. CALL TO ORDER: Chair Kim Laird called the meeting to order at 8:17 p.m. EST.

2. ROLL:

Present: Kim Laird (Chair), Kevin Axtell, Matt Hall, Richard Kennison, Kevin McBeth, Thom Wall, Erin Stephens, Brandi Axtell (recording secretary) Mike Sullivan (Future fest director, 2011 fest director) Martin Frost (communications director) Dave Pawson (running for B.O.D)


3. APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Thom W moved to approve the agenda for June 15, 2011. Second by Kevin A.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Kevin A moved to approve the minutes from May 18, 2011. Second by Matt H.

Erin S, Kevin M and Thom W abstain due to not having read the notes

Approval passes

APPROVAL OF PAST MINUTES: Erin S moved to approve the minutes from April 27, 2011. Second by Kevin A.

Kevin M abstains due to not having read the notes

Approval passes


2011 Fest (Mike Sullivan)...32 days away from the Rochester festival. The IJA is now above the target goal for hotel sales at the Doubletree, there are 11 days left before the 2 hotel blocks release. Reservations are still coming in. The number of rooms reserved at the Hilton is still low, but the Hilton was considered overflow and the concentration was on selling the block at the Doubletree. The festival is in the black as far as earning the complimentary rooms at the Doubletree for special guests and staff. Fest registrations have gone up in the last 2 weeks, the most current report shows that there are over 300 registrations. Hoping and counting on people showing up and buying a la carte options such as gym passes and day passes. Increase in travel costs and the economy are affecting numbers in the IJA as in other leisure and hobby groups. In the next 10 days t-shirts will be ordered as well as programs for the shows. Award trophies, plaques and badges have also been ordered. A written update will be posted on boardplus between now and the festival.

Scheduling of shows, events and workshops are being coordinated to reduce conflicts between events.

There are only 4 junior competitors currently signed up, so there has been some discussion of putting juniors and teams on the same night as there is a full field of teams and a full field of individuals. There would be no change until checking with the teams and making sure that all of the competitors are in town. The pre-fest publicity has already advertised on Friday night and the tickets have also already been printed, so the word would have to be spread that all of the tickets are wrong. However, if it stayed as is the juniors show night would be very, very short night and the individuals/teams night would be longer. The other suggestion was to bundle the youth showcase with the juniors championships, but there was disagreement about that as well as it was felt by some that the bundling would reduce the impact of the juniors championships. Therefore the shows will remain as scheduled and the juniors show will just be a shorter night.

iiWii Fest Fun Fund Committee (Matt Hall)... The various people producing events for the fun fund have not yet contacted the board for reimbursement, but most have said that they will submit the receipts at the festival.

Future Festivals (Mike Sullivan)... Lexington report summary will be sent to the board with the key points in the next few days.

Financial (Kevin McBeth)... statements for first quarter on the website, 990 almost done filed for extension. The accountant has checked that everything is done correctly, esp with the large donation. Checks have arrived so that the fun fund committee members can be reimbursed at the festival. Insurance has been squared away for the festival. Store has sold 14 YEP t-shirts.

Website Team (Martin Frost, Mike Sullivan)...waiting to have the check sent to the consultant, and will begin working with him on Aug 15. Donation was pledged May 27.

Membership (Marilyn Sullivan)...

#records 1251
# members 1497
# youths 80
# families 174

# life 280
# magazines sent for Summer issue 1275

# regs 293
# benefit show 88
# special workshop 8
# photo shoot 0
# competitors for stage champs 18

Education (Kevin Axtell/Erin Stephens)... decided to do a YEP certification at the festival after several email requests to do so. YEP website is up and running.

Marketing/Promotions (Thom Wall)...world juggling day - hoping for sales on t shirts at the festival as there won't be shipping costs involved. The video project deadline may be extended depending on how many entries Taylor Glenn has so far. The boulder juggling festival might produce a video.

Vendors at fest 12 signed up, costs are low for the vendors to attend. The vendors so far are the Higgins brothers, Penguin, Renegade, Dube, Air Traffic, Sport Juggling Co, Little wood clubs, Simplistics, Larry Olsen, Ross Berenson, Cindy Marvell, and Yoyo Sam.

Magazine (Kim Laird)... bid packets have been requested by Alan Howard and Kevin Oaks (an IJA member,) sent out immediately upon request. Katherine Howard in the past has expressed interest in the magazine and she was contacted as well. Bid packets were sent to Madcloud, the McNeal group, and magazinefactory.net as well.

IRC (Erin Stephens)... Kevin A, Matt H and Erin S went to Guadalajara, Mexico for the first International Regional Competition which was a great success. There were 13 competitors, down to 8 after preliminaries. There was a great variety of props represented. 5 solos and 3 teams competed. After the competition the people at the festival confirmed that they would absolutely love to see it happen again. Several expressed interest in attending future IJA festivals as well as participating in the various IJA video contests.


A. Motion to approve Jeanette Williams, professional parliamentary consultant, as the parliamentarian for the AGM in Rochester, MN at a cost of $540. (see attachment A)

Motion: Richard K

Second: Thom W

Discussion: In the past we have gotten very inexpensive or free parliamentarians, but in Rochester those options were not available but a parliamentarian is still needed. In Lexington it was voted that the board is required to have a parliamentarian present at the AGM.

Vote: passed by unanimous consent

B. Motion to approve Tony Steinbach to act as Thom Wall's proxy as Vendor Coordinator at the IJA festival in Rochester, MN, with partial comp.

Motion: Thom W

Second: Erin S

Discussion: At first Thom thought he might not be able to go to the festival due to a training, but after recent developments he will probably be able to attend the festival. Thom wanted there to be a dedicated on-site vendor coordinator in order to support the vendors in any needs they have. There is still a chance that Thom may not be able to attend, which is why he feels that having Tony there would help with that and Tony has expressed interest in volunteering more for the IJA so this would be a good introduction for him.

B1. Motion to amend the motion to read "Motion to approve Tony Steinbach to act as Thom Wall’s proxy/assistant as Vendor Coordinator at the IJA festival in Rochester, MN, with a partial comp"

Motion: Thom W

Second: Erin S

Vote: passed by unanimous consent

C. Motion to approve video conversion of 412 DVC tapes, 10 DVCam tapes, 2 Fuji H621E tapes and 14 HD Pro L750 tapes into one DVD of each video plus two identical external hard drives holding all the video files saved as AVI files. (Note: bid by SaveMyPix.com and offer by Jay Ko)

Motion: Kevin A

Second: Matt H

Discussion: Martin got a bid from savemypics.com and Jay Ko has said that he would be able to do this project and volunteered his time for free. He would be able to take his equipment to his workplace and work on it as well as work on it during his evenings and weekends. Most of the files are digital, a few are analog, so it shouldn't be a complicated process. There is little to loose in using Jay, as if he cannot complete the project for any reason the savemypics.com option can be a backup option. The board just wants to stay updated on progress. Suggestion to have Jay send a quick written monthly update for each board meeting. One issue may be that the AVI files take up much more space, and so it won't all fit on a single disk. To have several copies of these files would require multiple 2-3 terabyte discs

C2. Motion to amend the motion to read “Motion to approve video conversion of 412 DVC tapes, 10 DVCam tapes, 2 Fuji H621E tapes and 14 HD Pro L750 tapes into one DVD of each video plus two identical external hard drives holding all the video files saved as AVI files. Jay Ko will do the work for the IJA on a gratis basis, and the IJA will supply the hard drives and any discs needed.”

Motion: Kevin A

Second: Matt H

Vote: passed by unanimous consent.

D. Motion to approve plan to provide new membership benefit of vendor coupons 100 with each new membership present members would also receive this coupon packet once time upon renewal of their membership.

Motion: Thom W

Second: Erin S

Discussion: A vendor came to the board with this idea feeling that it would be beneficial and offered a $20 coupon for that, though there would need to be more support from the vendors. There have not been discussions with any other vendors at this time. Thom wants to have discussions with the vendors before passing any motion such as this. The idea is a good one, but Thom suggests tabling it for a month or two until more vendors can be contacted about this idea. There will be so many vendors at the festival, it would be an ideal time to talk to them face to face about this possibility.

Motion to table the Motion to approve plan to provide new membership benefit of vendor coupons 100 with each new membership present members would also receive this coupon packet once time upon renewal of their membership.

Motion Kevin A

Second Thom W

Vote: Motion is tabled.

E. Motion to approve $285 to Niels Duinker. This is the additional funding requested in his original budget for the European coordinator position.

Motion Matt H

Second Kevin M

Discussion: This will give Niels what he originally asked for as the budget is now more able to support that. Thom has sent him an email to find out if he received the first part of the budget. The money will be used for IJA promotional materials including a reworked ad for Kaskade magazine, in English and German. He will run things by the board before spending the money.

Vote: passed by unanimous consent.

VARIA: heard from Dave Finnigan, they have chosen Gary Parker for the excellence in education award. Presentation would possibly be on Saturday night. Dave Finnigan is in charge of the excellence in education committee. John Wee would like to make the presentation and normally doesn't get there until later in the week, and so would like for the award to be on Saturday. The award night will be spread across the two nights of championships since there are only 3 awards this year. People's choice will probably be given the night of the COS show, the others during the juniors champs.

Kim Laird attended a bookkeeping workshop which was very informative. The bad debt allowance issue – Kim spoke to a professional CPA and lawyer who said that the IJA did exactly the right thing. Questions about grants for YEP obtained in different states, can they go into one general fund? Yes. The IJA can track it through the bank account with invoices, etc. Joyce had suggested going through an audit and that was repeated at the workshop – an audit of the books should be done because grant agencies often will not allow an organization to apply without an audit. Large donation – endowments can affect bylaws. Technically the pledge is half endowment and half donation. The half that goes into the interest bearing account is an endowment rather than donation, since it cannot be touched for a certain period of time. The bylaws may need to be changed to reflect what would happen to that money in the interest bearing account if the IJA was to dissolve for any reason.

Will Murray was contacted by the Mobile Mini Circus for Children (MMCC) in Afghanistan to teach there. They have funds to cover everything except for his flight, which would cost around $2,250. He has contacted the IJA to see if there was anything that could be done to help. This could come in the form of a one time grant, using the website to solicit donations, or seeing if iiWii would want to fund this and/or use some of the money from the long-term fund. Another idea could be a matching fund raiser – the IJA could match funds from donations. Will is not opposed to paying for the ticket outright if there could be some subsidy in the future. He has not been a member of the IJA for some time, so there is some question as to whether there could be a better use of IJA funds or whether the funds should be directed more at the MMCC and less at individual performers. It was agreed that should money change hands, it would go between the IJA and the MMCC rather than the IJA and Will. Overall the board feels that using IJA funds when the organizations funding is unclear would not be wise, and that the IJA should use its networking to promote other jugglers to donate to the cause rather than pledging money from the general fund.

NEXT MEETING: Next regular BOD meeting will be held July 20, 2011 at a time to be determined. This will be during the IJA Festival in Rochester, MN.

Meeting moves into executive session.

Motion to end executive session

Motion: Kevin M

Second: Thom W

10. ADJOURNMENT: Erin S moved to adjourn the meeting. Second by Thom W.

Meeting adjourned at 10:43pm eastern time.

Previous minutes: May 15, 2011 |List of available minutes |Next minutes:
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