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Local juggling clubs

The clubs listed below are gathered from The Juggling Edge. The links under the club titles will take you to the Juggling Edge page for the club, which has more information. If you would like your club to appear here post it on the Juggling Edge and the net will take care of the rest.

If you would like to see only one country, click on the country name in this list

Aberdeen University Circus Society

Adelaide Juggling Club

Air Raid Juggling Club

All Saints Highgate

Association Jonglargonne

Association des Jongleurs de l'INSA de Lyon (AJIL)

Atlanta Jugglers Association

BALLS! University College London Juggling Society

Balance e.V. Hannover - Verein für Jongleure, Clowns und Akrobaten

Baltimore Jugglers Association

Bedford Juggling Club

Berkeley Juggling Cooperative

Bielefeld University Juggling Club

Bremen - Jonglierkurs

Bristol Circus Jam: Circus Social: All Props Welcome!

Buffalo Jugglers

Burlington Juggling Collective

Cambridge Community Circus

Cambridge University Jugglers' Association

Carmine Street Irregulars aka NYC Jugglers

Cascade Jugglers

Case Juggling Club

Castro Valley Jugglers

Catchers In The Rye

Cedarburg Juggling Club

Chicago Juggling Club

Circus Studio Rotterdam

CircusMASH juggling workshop


CirkusRummet Svendborg

Cirq-U Juggling Club

Club Circus Central (Newcastle-upon-Tyne)

Coconut Grove Juggling Exchange

Code Red jam

Concrete Circus - Milton Keynes


DU Juggling & Circus Skills Society

Derby Juggling Collective

Down With Gravity: Stanford Undergraduate Juggling Club

Durham City Jugglers

East Oakland Juggling Club

Ecole de cirque Polichinelle

Edinburgh University Juggling Society

El puente malabarista

Essex Backyard Throwers - knife and tomahawk throwing

Fairfax Jugglers

Flaks Sjongleringsgruppe

Flying Teapots

Fools Unlimited e.V.

Forresters Hall Uckfield Juggling club


Glasgow Juggling Club

Glastonbury juggling club - all props welcome

Gorges Jugglers

Grove City, PA Fledgling Juggling Club

HK Jugglers

Hagen Juggling Club / Kulturzentrum Pelmke

Hannover (Jonglieren beim Unisport)

Hastings Community Circus

Hat City Jugglers

Hertford Juggling Club

Hochschulsport Jonglieren

INspirál Circus Center Budapest, Hungary

JOUG (Jugglers of the University of Guelph)

Jest Jugglers


Jonglerie & Arts du Cirque - RCAE Liège

Jonglering i Lund

Jonglieren in Ulm

Jongliergruppe im E-Werk, Erlangen



Jugglers Anonymous A.K.A The Juggley Love Club (Milton Keynes)

Juggling Unicycling Stockton on Tees

Juggling at Unity Ft. Worth, TX

Juggling school OGO

Kansas City Juggling Club

Lake Norman Jugglers

Lancaster Throwback Juggling Club

Las Vegas Circus Center - Open Juggling (charity of the month donation accepted)

Leeds Juggling Club (Hullabaloo)

Levity Circus Collective Juggling Club

Lincoln Juggling Society (UoL)

Linköpings nycirkusförening

Loughborough Student's Union FEVER

MCJAF - Monash Club of Juggling and Firetwirling

MIT / Boston Area juggling club

Madison Area Jugglers


Manchester Quirkus

Masters of Flying Objects - CMU Juggling Club

Miami University Juggling Club

Minnesota Neverthriving

Motor City Juggling Club

National University of Ireland, Galway's Circus Society

Newbury Juggling Club

Newtown Jugglers

Nordjydsk Jongloer Laug - Totalgoegl APS

North Carolina State Juggling Club

Northwich Juggling Club

Norwich Juggling Circle

Nottingham Juggling Club

Nuneaton Juggling Club

Nürnberger Jonglier- und Akrobatiktreff – Dienstag – Bewegungskünste, Wilhelm-Löhe-Schulsport-Gemeinschaft e.V. & Rosenaupark

Nürnberger Jonglier- und Akrobatiktreff – Mittwoch – Bewegungskünste, Wilhelm-Löhe-Schulsport-Gemeinschaft e.V. & Rosenaupark

Nürnberger Jongliertreff - Donnerstag - TH Nürnberg Georg Simon Ohm & Wöhrder Wiese

Object Manipulation Group (OMG!)

Olympic Peninsula Jugglers

Open air Budapest Juggling

Open circus training Lund

Orlando Jugglers

Oxford City Juggling Club

Plymouth Juggling Club uk

Poole Juggling Club

Prescott Juggling Club

Queen's and Kingston Jugglers' Clubs

RheinErftJuggling e.V.

Rhythm and Balls Juggling Club

SEO Jest Jugglers

Safety in Numbers

Salisbury Community Circus

Santa Cruz Juggling Club


Saskatoon Juggling Club

SchwerKraft & LeichtSinn

Solihull Unicycle and Circus skills club

South Pasadena Juggling Club

Southampton Juggling Club

Southend Juggling Club


Stanford Court Jugglers

Steel City Clown Brigade

Stichting Jongleer Collectief Limburg

Surrey Circus

Suspended Animation Juggling Club of Hamden, CT

Texas Juggling Society

The Altern8 Juggling Club

The Circus Place

The Clown Gym (Hosted by Circus Freaks)

The Yokel Jugglers

Tollcross State Circus

Triad Juggling Club

Tucson Juggling Club

UCD Juggling Society

UNH Juggling Club

UNSW Circusoc

UW Juggling Club

University of Maryland Juggling Club

University of York JuggleSoc

Washington University and St. Louis Juggling Club

Wednesday's Juggling / Zsonglőr szerda

Wellington Juggling Collective

Yale Anti-Gravity Society

Yavapai College Juggling Club

Ye Ashburn Juggling Society

York Jugglers

Zurich Juggling Club at Rote Fabrik

ottawa jugglers

Жонглёры Петрозаводска

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