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Individual Balls Anthony Gatto 9 balls, 60 catches 1991
Individual Rings Albert Lucas 10 rings, 20 catches 1996 & 2002
Individual Clubs Anthony Gatto 7 clubs, 230 catches 1991
Individual Ball Bouncing Robert Mosher III 10 balls, 31 catches 2008
Ball Passing Peter Kaseman & Doug Sayers 14 balls, 111 total catches 2013
Ring Passing Dominik Harant & Daniel Ledel 13 rings, 62 total catches 2013
Club Passing Dominik Harant & Daniel Ledel 12 clubs, 175 total catches 2013
Ball Bounce Passing Morten Hansen & Ben Jennings 15 balls, 95 total catches 2003
Three-Person Club Passing Dominik Harant, Daniel Ledel & Manuel Mitasch 17 clubs, 173 total catches 2013

For further explanation of the Numbers Championships, including what constitutes a "qualifying run", please refer to the Numbers Championships Rules or contact the IJA Numbers Coordinator(s) at

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