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Special Events

Here you'll find all the other events that make up an IJA Festival.

Tuesday, July 18


Wednesday, July 19

8am-Noon Joggling Championships, TBA
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10am IJA Affiliates Meeting, TBA
Are you a member of an IJA Affiliate Club? Come join this roundtable discussion of how the IJA can help your club flourish, and how your club can help the IJA grow. More information, contact Affiliates Director Rick Purtee.

Noon-2pm IJA Annual Business Meeting, Main Gym
Hear what the Board of Directors has been working on, meet the candidates for the IJA Board of Directors, find ways you can volunteer to help the IJA, and be a part of YOUR organization!

Thursday, July 20


Friday, July 21

11am Annual Auction, Main Gym
A fundraiser for the Archives project, this is your chance to snap up some wild and fascinating juggling lore, objects, props, toys, posters and much more. Check out the Auction web page for more information.

1-4pm Numbers Championships, Main Gym
The IJA Numbers Championships were established to provide a forum for competitors to challenge each other, past champions, and the laws of physics. More information at the Numbers Championships web pages.

Saturday, July 22

12:30-4pm The Games of the IJA, Main Gym
The Games are always a festival favorite. Kick back in the gym and watch, or better yet, join in the fun. Check out the 2005 Games winners. Questions or ideas? Contact Games Coordinator Scott Slesnick.

4pm The Big Toss-Up (group photo), Main Gym
Time to record our Festival for posterity! We all gather in one area of the gym, and on the count of 3, pitch all our toys in the air simultaneously. Oddly, this is harder than it sounds (perhaps the lack of sleep has something to do with it?). In any case, come join in the effort to fill the air with as many objects as possible, and then do your best to find yourself when the photo is published in JUGGLE magazine the following month!

Please note: All efforts will be made to make sure the information here is updated and correct; however, all events, performers and times are subject to change. A final program will be printed and distributed at the Festival.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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