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60th IJA Festival
July 16-22, 2007
Winston-Salem, North Carolina

The 60th Anniversary IJA Juggling Festival will be held July 16-22, 2007, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, in 80,000 sq. ft. of well-lit, climate-controlled juggling space in the Benton Convention Center. Specially invited guests include;

  • Viktor Kee
  • Peapot Jugglers Maksim Komaro and Ville Walo
  • Peter Davison
  • Yuri Pozdniakov and two of his best Kiev circus school students
  • Françoise Rochais
  • Raspyni Brothers (emcees of the Anniversary Party and Awards Banquet)
  • Get the Shoe (very popular club passing team from Germany)
  • Aurelia Cats

The Friday Cascade of Stars will cap our week's entertainment when Viktor Kee, Maksim Komaro, Ville Walo, Peter Davison, Get the Shoe, and more invited guests create a world-class exhibition worthy of our 60th anniversary celebration.

  • Free juggling on Monday
  • Over 60 workshops Tuesday through Saturday
  • Joggling Championships on Tuesday morning
  • Ice Cream Social and Welcome show on Tuesday evening
  • Special Workshop by Yuri Pozdniakov on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
  • Renegade Shows on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights
  • Youth Showcase and Juniors Championships on Wednesday evening
  • Planting the Juggling Seed kids' show Thursday morning
  • Individual Prop Competition on Thursday afternoon
  • Teams and Individuals Championships on Thursday evening
  • Auction Friday morning
  • Numbers Championships Friday afternoon
  • Extreme Juggling Friday afternoon
  • Special Anniversary Edition of the Cascade of Stars on Friday evening
  • IJA Games on Saturday afternoon
  • 60th Anniversary Party & Awards Banquet on Saturday evening

Detailed festival information is available on pages which use Flash. (Use the drop-down menus at the top of those pages to find out about all that's happening at the festival in Winston-Salem.)

If you don't have Flash for your web browser or if you want a convenient printout of all IJA festival information, download the 6-page festival brochure and registration form, which will also be included in the Spring 2007 JUGGLE magazine. (You can also download Flash free.)

Pre-registration is now closed.

Festival packages and individual ticket sales will be available at the Benton Convention Center beginning at Noon on Monday, July 16.

Hotel reservations must be made separately. Be sure to mention the International Jugglers' Association to get the IJA hotel rates. (The airport is Piedmont Triad International Airport — airport code GSO.)

Join us in Winston-Salem for our 60th Anniversary Juggling Party!

Important Competition Rules Changes

Special Note: Routines must be submitted on DVD: To enter the IJA Championships, you must submit a DVD of your act (actual costume, music and routine) when you sign up for the competition at the festival on Monday. The video on DVD must be from a single continuous shot of your act, with no editing at all. The top acts will be selected for the stage finals in each category.

Special Note on Music: If you are entering any IJA competition (including the IJA Championships and the Individual Prop Competition) with an act set to music, you must make sure that the IJA has a legal right to use that music both in the show and on videos. Be sure to read the IJA Competitions Music FAQ to find out what music you can use in the competitions. IJA 2007 Festival Schedule

2007 IJA Festival Schedule of Events

July 16
July 17
July 18
July 19
July 20
July 21
July 22
10am: Facility Open 9am-5pm: Registration 9am-5pm: Registration 9am-5pm: Registration 9am-5pm: Registration 9am-5pm: Registration  
  9am-noon: Joggling 10am: Affiliate Meeting 11am: Planting the Juggling Seed 11am-6pm: Cascade of Stars Rehearsal 10:30am-Noon: Endurance Games  
Noon-5pm: Registration   Noon: Business Meeting 11am-1pm: Cascade of Stars Rehearsal   Noon: Silent Auction closes  
Noon-3pm: Numbers Championships 1-4pm: IJA Games FREE JUGGLING
  1-5pm Welcome Show Rehearsal Noon-2:30pm: Juniors Champs Rehearsal 1-5pm: Teams & Individuals Rehearsal   4pm: Big Toss-Up photo follows games  
4-5pm: Teams, Individuals & Juniors Signups 7:30pm: Ice Cream Social 2:30-4:30pm: Youth Showcase Rehearsal 3-5pm: Individual Prop Competition 4-6pm: Extreme Juggling   3pm: Gym closes. See you next year!
  9pm: Welcome Show 7pm: Youth Showcase
7pm: Teams & Individuals Championships 8pm: Cascade of Stars 7pm: Anniversary Party & Awards Banquet  
  Midnight: Renegade Show Midnight: Renegade Show Midnight: Renegade Show   11pm: Club Renegade  
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