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Honorary Awards

The IJA from time to time bestows special awards on deserving individuals or groups to honor them for a particular service or excellence. Named below are the recipients of these awards over the years. (See also the awards and service provided by the Flamingo Club.)

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Award of Excellence Historical Achievement Award Bobby May Award Extraordinary Service Award
Founders Award Excellence in Education People's Choice Award Honorary Life Members


Recipients of the IJA Award of Excellence
This award acknowledges the jugglers who have represented the best the art has to offer through a career of professional performance. 
1989 Anthony Gatto 1990 Kris Kremo
1991 Sergei Ignatov 1992 Michael Moschen
1993 Gregory Popovich 1995 Dick Franco
1996 Albert Lucas 1997 Art Jennings
2004 The Flying Karamazov Brothers 2006 The Passing Zone (Owen Morse and Jon Wee)
2007 Raspyni Brothers (Barry Friedman and Dan Holzman) 2008 Fred Garbo
2009 Michael Chirrick2010Tuan Lee
2011 Françoise Rochais2013Jeton the Gentleman Juggler (Jens Thorwächter)
2014 Paul Ponce2015Charlie Frye


Recipients of the Historical Achievement Award
This award honors jugglers who have in their careers shown extraordinary juggling achievements. The award consists of an engraved plaque.
1991 Trixie Larue 1992 Lotte Brunn
1994 Gus Lauppe 1995 Rudy Cardenas
1996 Bob Bramson 1997 Ernst Kuhn Montego
2000 Rudy Horn 2001 Fudi
2002 Evgeni Biljauer 2006 Kumar of India (Kumar Pallana)
2008 Tommy Curtin 2009 Dieter Tasso
2010 Nino Frediani 2011 Michael Davis
2012 Freddy Kenton 2013 Alberto Sforzi
2014 Airjazz (Peter Davison, Jon Held, Kezia Tenenbaum) 2015 Bobby Jule


Recipients of the Bobby May Award
The IJA Bobby May Award honors a juggler or juggling coach for helping other jugglers with their acts. New and experienced performers alike seek out the advice and critique of their peers in their quest to improve their acts. Not everyone is receptive to these inquiries. However, some performers are known as able, receptive mentors who are always willing to help those who seek them out. The award is named for Bobby May, who was one of these mentors. Despite his international reputation, Bobby May always had time to coach young jugglers who showed up on his doorstep or at the backstage door.
1995 Dan Holzman 2003 Nick Gatto & Albert Moreira
2004 Robert A. Nelson The Butterfly Man 2007 Steven Ragatz
2008 Michael Rossman 2009 Jay Gilligan
2010 Paul Bachman 2011 Matt Hall
2015 David Cain


Recipients of the IJA Extraordinary Service Award
This award is given to living jugglers who show outstanding service to the field of juggling. It is primarily intended for those who have shown consistent commitment to the promotion of juggling. The award consists of an engraved plaque.
1989 Karl-Heinz Ziethen 1993 Bill Giduz
1997 Richard Chamberlin 1999 Ginny Rose
2000 Rob Peck & Dina Scharnhorst 2004 Roger Montandon
2005 Martin Frost 2006 Sandy Brown
2007 Alan Howard 2008 Todd Strong
2009 Jerry Martin 2010 Kim Laird
2012 Jay Ko 2013 Don Lewis
2014 Marilyn and Mike Sullivan 2014 Paul and Gabi Keast
2015 Erin Stephens


Recipients of the IJA Founders Award
The IJA Founders Award is given to recognize a juggler whose performance at any point during the annual festival best reflects the spirt of vaudeville entertainment that the organization's founders upheld. The award committee seeks a performer whose act shows a logical progression from beginning to middle to end, contains no drops, demonstrates outstanding and engaging characterization and conveys good comedy and variety arts skills.
1991 Andrew Head 1992 Daniel Gulko
1993 Michael Menes 1994 Kosen Kagami
1995 John Gilkey 1996 Bob Nickerson
1999 Paul Arneberg 2007 Get the Shoe
Florian Mueller-Reissmann & Jochen Pfeiffer


Recipients of the Excellence In Education Award
This award is given to "to bring attention to the amazing people who teach juggling, for without them, where would we all be." It recognizes outstanding efforts by individuals to teach juggling either to non-jugglers or to those who already juggle. Nominations for the award may be made by any member of the organization, and nominees need not be IJA members. The award is a framed certificate and three apples for the winning teacher. This award was created by, and has been sponsored for many years by Laura Green, a longtime friend of jugglers everywhere.
1991 Dave Finnigan 1992 Mike Vondruska
1993 Jahnathon Whitfield 1994 Kit Summers
1995 Myron Wilcox 1996 Laurie Young & Kay Caskey
1997 Hovey Burgess 1998 Perry Rubenfeld
1999 Rob Peck 2000 Paul Arneberg
2001 Kevin O'Keefe 2002 Bud Markowitz, Michael Rosman & Todd Strong
2004 Jackie "Mr. E" Erickson 2005 Kevin Delagrange
2006 David Groth 2007 Art Thomas
2008Joel Henderson 2009Pierre Loiselle
2010Liu Su-I 劉述懿 2011Gary Parker 
2012Richard Kennison 2013Bekah and Warren Hammond


Recipients of the People's Choice Award
The People's Choice Award reflects the popularity of an individual performer or group of performers during the festival week. Festival attendees vote based on feelings about an individual's or group's contribution to the festival. Ballots must be turned in by the specified deadline (near the end of the festival). The winner is announced at one of the final festival events and receives a hand-crafted trophy made and donated by Russ O'Brien of the Akron juggling club.
1987 Bounce & Ooo La La 1988 Philippine Pride Jugglers
1989 Sergei / Jeffrey Daymont 1990 Arsene
1991 Laura Green 1992 Elliot Cutler
1993 Masahiro Mizuno 1994 Ngaio Bealum
1995 John Gilkey 1996 Gil Pontius
1997 Jorg Muller 1998 Les Tourisks
1999 The Gandini Juggling Project 2000 Jason Garfield
2001 The Boehmer Family 2002 Perpetual Motion: Chuck Hawley & Anthony Shave
2003 Team Rootberry: Jonathan Root & Bill Berry 2004 Luke Burrage
2005 Matt Hall 2006 Tony Pezzo
2007 Get the Shoe (Florian Mueller-Reissmann and Jochen Pfeiffer) 2008 Billy Watson
2009 Doug Sayers
2011 Showy Motion - Stefan Brancel & Ben Hestness2012Jack Denger
2013 Kellin Quinn2014Kellin Quinn
2015 Delaney Bayles


Award of Special Recognition
The Award of Special Recognition is given in appreciation to those who provide exceptional promotion to the public of the art of juggling.
2013Patrick Sebastien


Honorary Life Members
Honorary IJA Life Memberships are given in recognition of IJA members demonstrating dedicated service to the organization over a long period of time. The award consists of a framed certificate and all benefits of a lifetime membership in the IJA.
Before 1979 George Barvin* Before 1979 William Brown*
Before 1979 Eva Crosby* Before 1979 Art Jennings*
Before 1979 Bernard Joyce* 1973 Roger Montandon
1979 Bill Dietrich 1979 Bobby May*
1979 Stu Raynolds 1983 Roger Dollarhide
1990 Mary Wilkins 1991 Phineas Indritz*
1995 Eddie Johnson* 1996 Betty Willer
2012 Martin Frost
* Passed away.
If you know the date of induction of any the 'Before 1979' Honorary Life Members, please contact                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
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