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Championships Results
22nd to 31st IJA Summer Festivals

Championships | 1979
Championships Winners

1969 All Around Champion
George Zsilak

1970 All Around Champion
Danny Rees

1971 All Around Champion 
Tommy Curtin

1972 Medalists 
John McPeak
Stu Raynolds
Eddie Tierney

1973 All Around Champion
Jerry Greenberg

1974 Medalists
Nate Stein
Jerry Greenberg
Ken Benge

1975 Medalists
Michael Moschen
Pam Doyle - six batons twirling at one time, showered
Jerry Greenberg
Steve Mills
Dick Franco
Peter Cuneen

1976 Medalists
Norm Johnson
John McPeak
Steve Mills
Bob Bryant

1977 Medalists
Lenny Mazel
Robert Morganti
Barrett Felker
Michael Marlin
Claude Crumley

1978 Medalists 
Ben Decker
Allan Jacobs
Fred Garbo
Steve Mills
Barrett Felker
Edward Jackman
Steve Mock

Championships | 1979

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