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Championships Results
51st IJA Summer Festival
Primm Valley Resort and Casino
Primm, Nevada
July 12 through 16

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1998 IJA Stage Competition Results


1st: Jason Garfield
2nd: Dana Tison
3rd: Brian Patz


1st: Les Tourisks
2nd: Raising Cain (Scott Cain and David Cain)
3rd: Redefining Gravity (Heather Hackett-Brinegar and Darrin Marriott)


1st: Jeff Civillico
2nd: Luke Jay
3rd: Mike Roberts

1998 Numbers Competition Results

Solo Balls:

1st: Jason Garfield, 9 balls 18 catches
2nd: Toby Rademacher, 8 balls 22 catches
3rd: Peter Blanchard, 8 balls 21 catches
4th: Vladik Miagkostoupov, 8 balls 17 catches
(There were four finalists due to a tie in preliminaries.)

Solo Clubs:

1st: Vladik Miagkostoupov, 6 clubs 43 catches
2nd: Darin Marriott, 6 clubs 18 catches
3rd: Jason Garfield, 6 clubs 17 catches

Solo Rings:

1st: Jason Garfield, 9 rings 18 catches
2nd: Dana Tison, 8 rings 20 catches
3rd: Toby Rademacher, 7 rings 27 catches

Duo Balls:

1st: David Cain and Scott Cain, 11 balls 86 total catches

Duo Clubs:

1st: Heather Hackett-Brinegar and Darin Marriott, 10 clubs 84 total catches

Duo Rings:

1st: Brian Patz and Rob Weinstein, 10 rings 186 total catches
2nd: David Cain and Luke Jay, 10 rings 84 total catches

Trio Clubs:

1st: David Cain/Scott Cain/Jack Kalvan, 13 clubs 195 total catches (IJA record)
2nd: Heather Hackett-Brinegar/Darin Marriott/Owen Morse, 13 clubs 126 total catches

Solo Ball Bouncing:

1st: David Cain, 7 balls 39 catches

Duo Ball Bouncing:

No entrants.

Numbers Notes:

Good runs from the preliminaries:

  • Vladik juggled 7 balls 230 catches.
  • Peter Blanchard juggled 9 balls 21 catches.
  • Dana Tison juggled 9 rings 19 catches.
  • Darin Marriott juggled 7 clubs 14 catches.
  • Toby and Terry Wells each qualified 6 clubs.
  • Heather and Darin qualified 11 clubs.
  • Also, in finals warmups, Heather, Darin, and Owen qualified 14 clubs.

1997 | Championships | 1999

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