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Evaluation Summary
60th IJA Summer Festival
Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA
July 16 - 22, 2007

2007 2005 2004
1. How did you register? # % # % # %
   On the web 104  65.41 111 73 100 65
   By mail 14 8.81 23 15 31 20
   By fax 1 0.63 1 0.65 2 1.3
   On-site in Winston-Salem 31 19.5 15 9.8 11 7.1
   Youth group registration 0 0 NA NA NA NA
   Someone else registered me 9 5.66 2 1.3 11 7.1
Total: 159
2. How did you travel to the festival? # %
   Drive 94  59.49
   Fly 63  39.87
   Other 1 0.63
Total: 158
3. How long was your travel time
from home to the festival site?
# %
   0-1 hour 7 4.46
   1-2 hours 9 5.73
   2-3 hours 11 7.01
   3-4 hours 14 8.92
   4-5 hours 9 5.73
   5-6 hours 18  11.46
   6-7 hours 17  10.83
   7-8 hours 18  11.46
   8-10 hours 22  14.01
   10-12 hours 6 3.82
   12-16 hours 11 7.01
   16-24 hours 11 7.01
   24-36 hours 2 1.27
   over 36 hours 2 1.27
Total: 157
4. How would you rate the
registration process?
8.47 7.7 8.8
5. How could registration be improved?
No improvement needed 12
Better confirmation 5
Offer payment by Credit Card 4
Clearer wording on forms 3
Cheaper 2
Line too long 2
Notify attendees of festival 2
Separate line for pre-registered attendees 2
All entry badge - no tickets
Better service at reg desk
Checks are time consuming
Clear up Paypal problems
Clearer signage
Double sided name tags
Improve schedule layout
Less problems
Mail festival package contents to
pre-registered attendees
More package deals
More registrars
No name tags
One click purchase
One form instead of two
Process CC even with incorrect information
Registration desk up & running at
10am on Monday
Reserve T-shirts for pre-registered
Smaller badges
Supply waiver forms online
Web store difficult to navigate
6. How would you rate the Benton
Convention Center?
7.59 8.3 7.6
7. How would you rate the Stevens
Center (theater)?
8. How would you rate the
workshops overall?
7.96 7.7 8
9. What were your favorite workshops?
Get the Shoe 24
Peapot Jugglers 9
Peter Davison  8
3-Ball Demo  6
Mat Hall - 4-5-6 ball multiplex site-swap 6
Basic Club Tricks 5
Hat Manipulation  5
Matt Hall - Diabolo 5
Matt Hall - Kendama 5
Matt Hall - all workshops 4
Multi-person club passing 4
5 balls for beginners 3
Ball Spinning.  3
Bullwhip 3
Club multiplex  3
Special Workshop - Yuri Pozdniakov and Viktor kee 3
Stanford Juggling Research Institute 3
Club stealing 2
Contact juggling  2
Don Lewis - club tricks 2
Green Club Project 2
Ivan Pecel - 4 and 5 ball  2
Martin Frost - odd patterns 2
Social Passing 2
Thratches 2
Why not  2
Wrist traps  2
Expert passing
3 & 4 Balls for beginners
3-club advanced 
Advanced club passing 
Balloon twisting
Cane workshop
Club passing take-aways 
How to increase IJA membership 
Human Powered Vehicle exhibit 
Intermediate 3 Ball
Ivan Pecel - 5 balls
Ivan Pecel - all workshops 
Partner Tricks with Balls
Pickups in two count 
Practice methods
Rope spinning
Tennis ball and can
Two diabolos 
Vertical hoop
10. How could the workshops be improved?
More professional instructors 8
Bigger spaces 7
Better advertisement 6
Repeat the popular ones later in the week.  5
More workshops 4
Workshops I wanted to take overlapped 4
Fewer bad workshops 3
More workshops for beginning jugglers 3
No improvement needed 3
Enforce 1 hr schedule 2
Fewer workshops 2
Longer workshops 2
More variety 2
More workshops for intermediate jugglers 2
Offer a DVD of all the workshops 2
Provide handouts 2
Provide schedule of workshops 2
Stop workshops during shows 2
Accomodate those with special
Assign rooms based on popularity
Fewer balloon workshops
Fewer morning workshops
Fewer passing workshops
More female workshop leaders 
More juggling, less talk
More times for each type 
More variety for each prop
More workshops for specific tricks
More workshops on performance skills
More workshops on technique
Offer more for professional development of jugglers
Provide materials for instructors
Special workshop needs better translator
Workshop for non-juggling
11. How would you rate the Ice Cream Social? 6.79
12. How would you rate the Welcome Show? 8.50
13. How would you rate the Youth Showcase? 7.64 7.7 7.1
14. How would you rate the Juniors Championships? 8.05 8.4 8.2
15. How would you rate the Individuals and Teams Championships? 9.08 8 8.4
16. How would you rate the Cascade of Stars? 9.38 7 8.1
17. How could the evening shows be improved?
No improvement needed 21
Peapot Jugglers performed too long 11
Cascade of Stars will be hard to improve on 6
Better air conditioning.  4
Disagreed with judge's decisions 3
Didn't enjoy emcee 2
More non-American performers 2
Professional judges 2
Provide map to theater 2
Shorter intermissions 2
Assigned seating 
Better costumes for Juniors
Better programs for championships
Dan Holzman is great!
Discontinue 60/40 policy for competitions
Do away with video prelims
Don't run out of chocolate ice cream. 
Dress code
Eliminate all competitions
Eliminate another show
Enjoyed professional acts and polished productions 
Explanation of judging criteria
Fewer acts
Fewer drops 
Get unknown acts for Cascade of Stars
Have the IJA Band play
Have Wes Peden every year 
Invite agents and bookers to competitions
More comedy acts
More female performers
More Get the Shoe
More Ice cream. AND HOT FUDGE 
More reward for originality and artistic presentation in the competitions. 
More surprises
More teams competitors
Reserve first 5 rows for life members. 
Serve alcohol
Shorter judging period
Shows were too long
Supply/sell water/snacks
The shows were the best I've ever seen, in 20 years of attending festivals. 
Trading cards were great
18. What guest performers would
you like to see attend future
Get the Shoe 22
Anthony Gatto 17
Jay Gilligan  7
Francoise Rochais  5
Wes Peden 5
Gandini Project 4
Michael Moschen  4
More Europeans  4
The Peapot Jugglers 4
Viktor Kee  4
Dana Tyson 3
Duo Tr'espace 3
Erik √…berg 3
Frank Olivier 3
Kris Kremo 3
Toby Walker 3
Doubble Troubble 2
Edward Jackman 2
Gena Shvartsman 2
Ilka Licht 2
Les Tourisks 2
Mark Nizer  2
Markus Furtner 2
Stefan Sing  2
The LaSalle Brothers.  2
The Raspyni Brothers 2
Thomas Dietz 2
Alan Howard
Alan Sulc
Albert Lucas
Allen Jacobs
Arsene and Waldo
Aurelia Cats
Barrett Felker
Basile Narcy
Bounce and Oolala
Casey Biemer
Charlie Brown
Charlie Frye
Chris Bliss
Dennis Paumier
Dieter Tasso
Dieter Tasso
Dimitry Chernov
Eden Zak
Elena Lev
European juggling clowns
Fewer guests 
Fred Garbo
Gregory Popovich
Isak Lindberg
Jason Garfield
Jay Gilligan  
Jens Sigsgaard
Jessie and James
Joelle Huguenin
John Gilkey
Jon Held Dancers
Jouni Temonen
Kaori Matsuzawa
Komei Aoki
Komo Zura 
Kristian Wanvik
Les Castors
Mac King
Manu Laude 
Marco Paoletti
Mario Berousek
Matias Salmenaho
Matt Hall
Mattias Jönsson
Michael Chirrick
Michael Davis
Michael Menes
Michael Moschen
Michele Lauzier
Mitsch brothers 
More female performers
More non-American acts
More performance troupes
Natalie Enterline
Old school classic jugglers  
Oskar Wrangö
Passing Zone 
Patrick Dempsey 
Paul Ponce
Penn & Teller 
Penn and Teller
Peter √…berg
Peter Davison
Pieter Post
Randy Cabral 
Robert Post
Sakari Männistö
Sergei Ignatov
Sergey Krutikov
Steve Mock
The Fetucinni Brothers
The Teslenkos  
The Visionbot crew 
Viktor Gyllenberg
Viktor Rubliar
Vova Galchenko
Wally Eastwood 
We don't need guest performers
19. How would you rate the Club Renegade shows? 6.12
20. How could the late night shows be improved?
Better venue 17
No smoking venues 14
Better acts  8
Didn't enjoy first night 6
Butterfly Man 5
Better emcees 4
Mark Faje 3
Start on time / earlier 3
Better sound / lighting 2
Didn't enjoy cigarette contest 2
Better air conditioning. 
Better promotion
Didn't enjoy any nights
Don't allow kids
Eliminate Renegade shows
Fewer late night shows
Less body piercing
Less rowdy audience
More family friendly
More participants at the festival
More variety
Never go to Renegade shows
Not as good as previous years
Sell food
Was offended by cigarette contest
21. How would you rate the Awards Banquet? 6.86
22. How could the Awards Banquet be improved?
Show too long 25
Better sound system 12
Speeches too long 11
Fewer awards  9
No improvement needed 6
More acts 5
Better food 4
Serve food during show 4
Better vegetarian option 3
Enjoyed awards separate from shows 3
Enjoyed food 3
Volunteer thanks speech too long 3
Alternate performances with awards 2
Better service 2
Competitors not given special awards felt singled out 2
Eliminate entire event 2
No live music 2
Better lighting
Better stage background
Don't give flowers to Assistant Festival Director
Don't hold it on the weekend
Don't thank volunteers
Dress should be informal
Fewer acts
Give awards during regular shows
Have an awards show without the banquet
Honor more non-IJA jugglers
Lottery drawing for prizes
Offer vegan option
Serve dessert before awards
Serve family or buffet style
Show video of competition winners
Vegetarian meals should be provided first
23. How would you rate the Joggling competitions? 6.89
24. How would you rate the Individual Prop Competition? 7.56
25. How would you rate Extreme Juggling? 7.47
26. How would you rate the Numbers Championships? 7.88
27. How would you rate the Games? 7.53
28. How could the Games and other Competitions be improved?
Better space for Games 5
Better schedule for Games 4
Didn't enjoy Extreme Juggling 3
Enjoyed Extreme Juggling 3
Extreme Juggling wasn't well organized 3
Five ball endurance should not include tricks 3
Better emcees 2
Extreme Juggling wasn't very
Games should be in the gym 2
No improvement needed 2
Publish rules and judging criteria for Games 2
Stop workshops during competitions
and Games
Better prizes for Games winners
Better sound system
Better space for 3 ball open
Devil Stick competitions should not allow flower sticks. 
Diabolo should be a separate
Eliminate all competitions
Eliminate some competitions
Extreme Juggling was too long
Fewer competitions
Games for wider range of skill levels
Give judges a calculator
Include Team Combat in the games
More general public attendance. 
More opportunity for competition
Overhaul all Games and
Put numbers on a stage
Schedule joggling later in the week
Stronger competitors for Individual prop Competition
Use video replay for Numbers decisions
29. How would you rate the History Lounge? 8.47
30. How would you rate the Silent Auction? 7.21
31. How would you rate the festival as a whole? 8.78 8.6 8.7
32. What were your favorite parts of the festival?
Cascade of Stars 49
All the shows 31
Individual and Teams Championships 31
Get the Shoe 21
Juniors Championships 21
Workshops 21
Socializing with friends 19
Welcome show 17
Juggling in the gym 12
Close proximity of everything  10
Meeting people 10
Area restaurants 7
History lounge 7
Trading cards 6
Winston-Salem 6
24 hour a day juggling 5
Awards banquet 4
Benton Convention Center 4
Human powered vehicle exhibition 4
Everything 3
Good coordination of festival 3
Great performers in the gym 3
Numbers Championships 3
Renegade shows 3
The carpet 3
Watching all the jugglers  3
Complimentary drinks at the hotel 2
Extreme Juggling 2
John Satriano 2
Quality of the competitors 2
Smoker's Lounge 2
The Games 2
Working with festival team 2
Board of Directors
Complimentary breakfast at the
Extreme paddleball 
Francoise Rochais
Free juggling
Having a place to bounce 
High level of tech in shows
Ice cream social
Jen Slaw
Peter Irish
Quality of hotels
Reading "The Mayor of Crazytown"  
Sandy Brown
Shirt design
Special Workshop
Team combat
The Atmosphere
The Emcees
The Peapot Jugglers
The Peapot Jugglers' workshops
The Stevens Center
The Ukrainian guests 
The volunteers
Wheelie room
33. What were your least favorite parts of the festival?
Main gym too crowded 20
Carpet design 18
Ceilings too low 11
The Peapot Jugglers 8
Lighting in main gym 7
Main gym too hot 5
Renegade shows 5
Airport transportation 4
No bad parts 4
Not enough area restaurants 4
Awards banquet 3
Ice cream social 3
Juniors Championships 3
No food concession 3
Socializing with friends 3
The judging  / judge's decisions 3
Traveling 3
Workshops 3
Bouncing in separate gym 2
No map of local restaurants 2
Renegade venues 2
Retail store hours 2
Should be one big gym 2
Winston-Salem 2
Individual and Teams Championships 1
"The Mayor of Crazytown"
All the shows
Attendees being rude to festival organizers
Business meeting
Buying food
Cascade of Stars
Cigarette contest
Dropping on stage
Everything was indoors
Festival organizers
Finding a ride home
Finding events
Going home
John Satriano
Judges interrupting emcee
Missing workshops
No local supermarket
Order of the evening shows
Rehearsal for competitions behind schedule
Sandy Brown
Smoker's lounge
The hotels
The weather
Theatre too hot. 
Too expensive
Unicycling in separate gym
Vendor caught stealing
Vendor tables unstaffed
Video prelims
Waiting for shows
Waiting for the judges
Workshop leader being rude
Workshops not scheduled for my convenience
Wrong energy in gym
34. How would you rate Winston-Salem as a festival location? 7.92
35. Any additional comments or suggestions?
Try to keep prop bags out of the middle of the floor (by having wall space for them) and don't allow things like personal *furniture* to take up value juggling space in the gym. 
Don't hold 3 years in a row inside a 2 state radius. 
Winston-Salem was difficult and expensive to get to. The hotel rooms were quite expensive, there were no tourist attractions nearby, there were few decent restaurants within walking distance of the festival, and there was too much second hand smoke around. The facilities were fine, apart from the awful carpet and the main gym being too small, but the festivals I remember most fondly were the ones where the town was cool as well.  
Great festival. My wife actually enjoyed it. 
convention center based festivals are lame, the IJA needs to get back to the University based event, with more affordable housing and nicer towns. Winston, Davenport, Reading, Fargo, Niagra Falls these towns are dumps. Crummy locations. 
Please try to find a gymnasium with better lighting for juggling. 
That was a magnificent festival. Keep up the good work. 
hold the ija in the west coast 
I think that for the bulk of the IJA members (I could be wrong) I think this is what they mostly care about getting from the IJA: a festival to gather at once a year. Everything else comes after that.  
john was awesome! the smoking lounge was cool! you just need a bigger space then it would have been the best! 
Cleveland, OH 
Nope. Nice work all around. 
Better lighting and bigger space without carpet would make it the perfect location. 
I would have liked an N/A button for some of the questions on this survey, since I didn't attend many of the events. 
Thanks so much!!! 
It really was a big plus that there was so much within walking distance (hotel, restaurants, theater, gym). 
We should find someplace that has a gym that we can all fit in comfortably. 
Scrap the ice cream social and replace it with a breakfast cereal social. Everyone loves cereal! 
Need names on both sides of badges. Hard to check them at the door and 1/2 time could not read the name. 
Winston Salem police suck because all they do is give out parking tickets. 
thanks for an incredible week! 
Make the banquet and ice cream social optional 
The floor pattern made diabolist dizzy, also picture id's would be nice, similar to one at Magic Live convention (ask Alan Howard for details) those were nice and a great souvenier 
Avoid Winston-Salem. 
wireless internet worked the first day!  
Winston-Salem? You have got to be freaking kidding me. Who the hell wants to go to W-S? The space was weak and the city sucks. Montreal, Burlington, Las Vegas -- those are places people want to go. Plus I'd like it if we could return to college campuses (I realize this may not be possible). There was a feeling of a fest, not the dilution of energy when we are stuck in a convention center in the middle of a crappy city. 
come back to Winston-Salem! 
Find a place with more SELECTION in accommodations (including some camping right nearby, perhaps a college with cheap dorms, lots of inexpensive motels nearby, etc.)  
After coming back home stoked to be a part of the IJA I went the IJA message board to see what people were saying, and though it started good the posts turned political which completely turned me off and dampened my IJA spirit. I know this is what happens with things so big but it was a kind of let down to such a wonderful weekend. 
Camping; make it an event that young adults can afford, not just kids and their parents. 
See you in Kentucky! 
The IJA Festival in a lot of ways is like drinking from a firehose. There's a lot going on, and I have to make decisions about what I'm going to have to miss. Too bad it can't be a month! 
Yes. Let your emcees finish their jobs presenting material hosting chapmionships when the judging results are in. Isn't "presentation" 40-50% of what they are supposedly judging in the first place?? It is hypocritical (and despicable) to disregard their performance, even if the results have to wait another 30.5 seconds. If you don't trust your Emcee to do a good job, then don't entrust him or her with the honor and work in the first place. Don't give a hard working, seasoned performer a huge job only to suddenly render them irrelevant. In so doing, you symbolically defacate on the beautiful relationship that performer has been building with the audience throughout the evening. I know some people didn't notice this because all some jugglers care about is technical execution, but I think this reflects a tragic lack of balance. I almost regret filling out this survey because it brought up such an ugly memory. I look forward to seeing how the IJA deals with this concept and the position it purports to assume in the future. If all I cared about was technical juggling I would forgo the IJA for the WJF!!! 
For future fest sites, consider St. Louis (again), Cleveland, Baltimore (again), and places with ocean access. 
It would be a plus to be able to obtain food/sodas on site and to have more/better places to eat within walking distance (say within a 1/4 to 1/2 a mile) I'd be interested in a workshop on how to select juggling equipment (clubs, diablos, balls, etc.) -- comparing the different makes, when you use which, sizes/weights/material, etc. I ordered t-shirts for myself and a friend. I did not realize that there would be 2 colors and would have liked to have been able to get the t-shirts in the blue color. Unfortunately, they'd run out of the blue in my friend's size. The registration form allowed one to pick the size, but not the color. In the future, if you're going to have multiple colors, could you let people pick the color when they order their t-shirts? I think having more beginner-level activities would be a plus. I have only the most rudimentary of juggling skills -- a 3-ball cascade, a reverse cascade, a few simple exchanges and steals, and maybe 10 club tosses before dropping them. I was surprised at how many other attendees were either at a similar level or did not juggle at all -- mostly parents or partners of jugglers). I also think more games would be a plus given the large number of children. 
Overall, still one of the best I've attended 
volunteering to help with the festival seems to consist entirely of sitting at the door and checking badges or being a stage hand. is that really all the organizers need help with? 
The trading cards where great fun. I would suggest that you give at least 2 more cards in the initial pack then there are in a complete set. This allows you to continue to play the game after you have a complete set. 
Best fest I can remember in a long time. 
It will be hard to beat this festival. 
A free evening during the week might be nice. Having a show every night leaves little time for sightseeing or juggling in the gym. 
Good work John Satriano! 
Really enjoyed the week 
I believe we need to arrange for more rooms to be available at the main hotel. I phaned for a reservation on the day the motels were officially announced and there were no non - smoking rooms left. I arrived early on Sunday before the festival and recieved a non - smoking room, but I know of several people who were not so lucky.
I had a great time and look forward to next year. 
I'm tired of having to travel to the east coast all the time. I'd like to have a festival in the west again. 
Things I didnt rate,I didnt see.Really, congratulations on an excellent festival
Another festival in Winston Salem! (Congratulations to a board and event staff that really worked together! ) 
If the IJA wants to see large festival turnouts, I think it needs to have festivals that are easier to get to. After attending many festivals, it seems that travel and festival costs will balance themselves out--if it costs more to stay somewhere, it's usually cheaper to get there, and vice versa. I would rather pay slightly more for a festival package and be able to take 1 flight in and easily get to my hotel than driving 2+ hours from a major airport to save $300 per person in airfare. This might also make it easier for the IJA as they would probably not have to arrange for shuttle services since they would already be in place. I feel easier travel would encourage more people to attend. 
great hotels both very nice and close to convention 
A parade! European festivals have them and they're a great way to announce to the community that there's something happening downtown. And the parade is a lot of fun - you could invite local bands and youth groups to join in the festivities and have the parade end at the convention center. Have a mid-week half-day trip outside the convention scheduled for non-juggling spouses or those who'd like a break to explore the area with friends. A scheduled guided trip to Old Salem one morning, for example, would have been nice. We went on our own and really enjoyed it.  
I served as a volunteer Embassador and look forward to doing it again. To promote the next IJA Festival before, during and after the event, event tees and bags should be given away before, during and after the event as an award for some interactive participation. For example, before the Kentucky festival, local clubs can do public interactive (at a mall, hospital, day care center parent meeting, school, library, etc.) demonstrations with a bag going to the participants. Do it at a charitable event and try to get free publicity in local newspapers. Offer an additional incentive for coming to the festival with the bag, or wearing the tee shirt or bringing as many people as you can/nora 
Some fire activity would have been fun... 
I'd like to see the IJA be held in a large city with the ability to have people stay in dorm type settings or to have camping. 
The convention center may be near the hotel.  
I am really looking forward to Lexington. The questions I did not answer were programs I did not attend since I did not arrive until Wednesday. I really enjoyed the choreography workshop because the ideas he presented could be used in other aspects of life, not just juggling. 
This was the best Juggle event of any kind i have ever attended. John Satriano is to be commended for his efforts. The IJA is lucky to have him, and all of the miserable complainers should just shut up and go away. 
thanks for everything! it was my first one and i loved it! 
Thanks! I had a lot of fun at the festival. 
It was really fun. 
the venue at w-s was a pleasure. getting there and the environs were lower on the scale.  
I'm an east coast person and it was easy to get to, but I wouldn't want to deal with that space again. The fest coordinators deserve much credit, can't wait for the next one 
Pick a location with an AIRPORT. A college campus would provide more housing options. Pick a city or location with a night life -- not just festie people on the streets at night. Have a forum/get together for new people -- not just monday night -- some people cannot show up until later in the week -- have it a few times during the festival. At the end of the week have an open meeting where folks can sit around and talk with organizers and board members (it would field these kinds of questions) about the fest and about IJA in general. Send survey (like this one) results to the membership -- if people are not interested they can just delete. 
Ensure that the hotel continue to provide filtered water throughout the event - not just during weekday business hours. 
None. You all obviously know what you're doing. Thank you for the hard work. My family had a great time! 
I liked that it was in Winsotn-Salem becuase of it's close proximity to me, but the city itself did not seem to have much to offer - at least close by to the convention center. 
The gym is very important to my festival experience. It has to have very hight ceilings, be very well lit for juggling, cool and dry, and have at least some surface good for bouncing. The gym should not be split. If I'm going to take time out from my work and travel to a big festival, I want an optimal juggling experience. If my memory is still good, I think the best gym for an IJA festival that I attended was the gym at the 1997 festival in Pittsburgh. 
Big poster for workshops, maybe dry erase for add-ons. 
The Winston Salem location is by far the best location of all the many IJA festivals I've ever been to. I recommend it as the most prefered location for all IJA festivals 
BACK WEST IN 2009!!! california sounds good :] 
Big thanks to all who put the 2007 fest together. Had a great time! 
Food. There were snack bars in the Convention Centre and not a one open. It would have been good to have food more convienent. Maybe some cart vendors like we had in Madison. You could have had indoor camping on the bottom floor. How about a collage dorm that might be close by for some low priced housing. Just a thought. 
Great fest, thanks! 
Get rid of the current egotistic IJA leadership and find some younger people to put more life back into the IJA. 
I want cheaper fests. Find camping. Stop catering only to the older wealthier jugglers. 
Sad to hear many DVDs will be unavailable that were available in previous years. 
Bravp Good job! 
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