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To render assistance
to fellow jugglers
International Jugglers' Association


This is an archival website

For current information visit https:juggle.org


The logo in the .pdf, .eps, and .ai files was created by scanning the best original available, vectorizing it, and tweaking. The large "IJA" on the clubs is the original hand drawn art (by Art Jennings). The "International Jugglers' Association" on the circle is set in Nueva Standard Regular which was the closest typeface available for Art's original hand-drawn letters. It's been compressed horizontally and of course warped slightly to fit on the curve, and has had a 1.5pt stroke applied (on a base size of 19.11pt) to thicken it up and soften the outline.

On the distributed versions the letters have been converted to outlines so they'll render correctly without needing the original font file.

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