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JANUARY 25, 2000

ATTENDANCE: Braidy, Art, Bud, Perry, Sam, Walter, Ginny, Richard, Norman

1. Upcoming Festival Updates
Arrangements for the gym and accommodations are in place for the Montreal festival. Preliminary plans and negotiations have begun for locating sites for Winter Fest 2001 and Summer Festival 2001.

2. Open Board Seats
MOTION: To update the by-laws as follows
1. Resolved, that IJA By-Laws, Article III - Directors, paragraph 9. Vacancies, be amended to read as follows:
Persons chosen to fill such vacancies shall hold office until the end of the unexpired term of the director they replace.
2. Resolved, that the IJA By-Laws, Article III - Directors, paragraph 5. Term, be amended as follows:
Director(s) shall serve the Corporation for a period of two (2) years beginning at the termination of the Annual Meeting and ending at the termination of the second Annual Meeting thereafter.


Two board seats have come open and need to be filled. The seat vacated by Steve Salburg (sic) will stand empty until election 2000 as his term is up at that time. The seat vacated by Ken Benje (sic) will be filled by appointment by the board.

3. Officers' and Directors' Liability Insurance
Terms of the insurance policy are being finalized.

4. Videographer for Montreal
The search is in process to find an acceptable videographer for the festival.

5. Election Process for 2000

6. Candidate Selection Process

7. New Computer and Software for Secretary
New computer hardware is needed as well as upgraded software to improve and update the current system being used.

8. Membership Update
JUGGLE has been on schedule since the festival and appears to be on track for 6 issues for this year. Projected membership growth was on track until last statement.


Previous minutes: December 9, 1999 | List of available minutes | Next minutes: March 21, 2000
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