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MARCH 21, 2000

ATTENDANCE: Braidy, Art, Bud, Perry, Sam, Walter, Ginny, Richard, Norman

1. Festival Update
Plans continue to be finalised.

2. Secretary-Treasurer Report
The new computer and software are up and running. Membership numbers are approximately the same as last year.

3. CAO Report
Preliminary action is being taken to put JUGGLE on the newsstand.
Allegations of theft from the IJA made by Andrew Conway on the web page were investigated by Norman. He is satisfied that no further action is necessary.

A JUGGLE web page is a potential marketing tool.
Formation of a JUGGLE committee comprised of Norman, a board member and a general member was presented.

5. Open Board Seat
The search is still under way for a suitable appointee to fill the vacant board seat created when Ken Benje (sic) resigned.

6. Liability Insurance
Officers' and Directors' liability insurance is now in place.

7. Videographer for Montreal
A videographer has not yet been found.

8. Election Process
Number of votes per family membership is in the process of being updated. All political advertisement is to be printed in the Insider only, JUGGLE is to be non-political as it is ultimately intended for the general public.

9. World Juggling Day
The current status of World Juggling Day is unknown and will be investigated.

10. Roster
The board is looking for someone to coordinate contacting sponsors for this year's roster. Some sponsors from last year have not paid.


Note: Although the minutes above do not show it, the director's notes from this meeting say that, by a unanimous motion of the board, Paul Richmond was appointed to the board at the meeting above to fill the vacancy left by the resignation in August 1999 of director Ken Benge.

Previous minutes: January 25, 2000 | List of available minutes | Next minutes: May 9, 2000
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