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Previous minutes: May 9, 2000 | List of available minutes | Next minutes: July 25, 2000


ATTENDANCE: Braidy, Art, Bud, Perry, Sam, Ginny, Richard

1. Approval of minutes
Minutes from meeting May 19, 2000 were unanimously approved.

2. Education Award
Paul Arneberg will receive the education award at the festival this year.

3. Festival Update
Ginny presented Reno (Circus Circus) and Madison, WI as potential festival sites for 2001.
Board unanimously approves Madison.

4. Empty board seat
A search is under way for a suitable appointee to fill the vacant board seat created when Walter Szeezil resigned.

(9pm est - Norman joins, Becky takes over recording minutes)

5. Suggested by-law revision
Martin Frost proposed to change the by-laws as follows:
Article IV - Officers, paragraph 4. Chairman of the Board
Delete the sentence "The Chairman, in order to be appointed to office, shall have previously held Office and served on the Board of Directors of the Corporation in the preceding year."

MOTION: To amend the by-laws as proposed by Martin Frost.

6. Roster
The roster is in progress and will be ready this fall.

7. Money Market account
IJA money has been invested in a Vanguard money market account.

8. Employee contracts for next year
Ginny, Richard and Norman were all unanimously rehired for the coming year.

9. Information package for new board members
New board members will receive a package including the policy manual (including new conduct policy), a copy of the by-laws, minutes of the previous year, copies of the Insider from the previous year, a copy of Juggle contract, a copy of the insurance policy, and the most recent financial statement.

10. Announcement of the passing away of Bernie Joyce, one of the Founding Fathers of the IJA. His membership will be continued in his wife Peggy's name.


Previous minutes: May 9, 2000 | List of available minutes | Next minutes: July 25, 2000
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