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IJA Board Meeting - August 4, 2000

Present: Board Chairman Paul Richmond; Directors Martin Frost, Ben Schoenberg, Norman Schneiderman, Braidy Brown, Katje Sabin; CAO Bob Mahler; Secretary/Treasurer Richard Dingman; Guest Lais Franzen, representing Kaskade Magazine.

Absent: Director Todd Strong (excused, not at fest, checked in by phone at start of meeting); Director Art Jennings (excused); Ginny Rose, fest coordinator (excused, managing fest); Becky Schneiderman, notetaker (excused, working on producing championship show).

Call to Order: Chair Paul Richmond called the meeting to order at 4:20pm. Katje continued as temporary notetaker.

Minutes: The minutes of the previous two meetings were distributed for approval later in the meeting.

Agenda: Agenda is still informal. The board agrees to address the following topics during this meeting:

  1. Meet with Lais
  2. Priorities discussion
  3. Approve previous minutes for publication and distribution

New Business:

Kaskade Magazine Presentation: Lais Franzen Lais presented a very general expression of willingness to work with the IJA board to develop a potential plan to carry IJA content in Kaskade magazine. No formal specifications have been presented by the board and therefore no formal dollar-based proposal can be made, although different scenarios were discussed. It was agreed by the board that a committee should be formed to create a clear definition of specifications and expectations of our magazine, and that much of this should be built with member input. After it is researched at the committee level, the specifications will be presented to the board and the board will put the publications contract up for bid at the appropriate time.

Committee Process: A discussion on the committee process followed, covering committee creation, expectations, and accountability. It is the intention of the board to have much of the business of the organization dealt with at the committee level, so that board meetings can be efficient and productive. The board will make a very clear directive of expectations to a committee, who will meet and generate discussion, research information, options and recommendations of a course of action, anticipating questions by the BOD. They are to return to the BOD within the timeline set initially by the BOD, distributing information before the meeting where the issue is to be decided upon so that each board member is fully informed before the vote. Committees will have at least one board member, possibly more, and also staff and IJA members as needed.

JUGGLE Liaison Policy Clarification: It was pointed out that the JUGGLE magazine editorial liaison does not oversee business matters, and that Norman is the JUGGLE business contact. The JUGGLE editorial liaison oversees production of the Insider, and reads over JUGGLE content before publication for liability and fact checking.

Web Site: Martin was appointed webmaster without objection. Past board member and webmaster Steve Salberg will be asked to continue working on the site, also.

Gag Rule: Martin moved to pass the following statement: "The real or perceived gag rule does not exist. The board is free to talk about anything not discussed in Executive Session." Paul seconded, and the motion was passed without objection. Paul volunteered to announce this to the membership immediately.

Priorities/Vision: After a long discussion of each board member's personal list of priorities, it was decided that an issue that wasn't even on the list was probably the highest priority: a vision. The board needs to generate a common vision, a statement of intent and goals to work towards together. The phrasing of this statement could considerably alter the direction of future decisions. Richard volunteered to write a question designed to facilitate the creation of a vision statement to be published in the Insider and posted on the webpage for member feedback. Paul Richmond as chair will oversee all committees

Life Member Program: By all accounts, especially those expressed during the Member Meeting the day before, the Life Member Program needs to be resolved. A Membership Committee was formed, and their first directive from the Board was to Deal With The LMP (this might become a subcommittee of the Membership Committee). Martin, Ben, Braidy and Norman volunteered for this committee. Martin is the chair of the committee.

Financial Committee: The Financial Committee will consist of Bob, Norman and Richard, and a number of members have expressed interest and will be invited to join, also. The first task of the Financial Committee will be to finish the 2001 budget for BOD approval.

Communications Committee: This group will oversee the general communications of the IJA, including the magazine, the Insider, other media (except the web, which is overseen by Martin, although the Communications Committee and the webmaster will work together), and public relations in general. Katje volunteered for this committee, and other interested IJA members are welcome to contact her to join.

World Juggling Day: Paul was assigned WJD chair last year, he expressed that the board needed to make some decisions as to the future of WJD, which is on the agenda of idems the new board needs to deal with. Martin is the new contact person.

Minutes: The minutes of the last two meetings were read and approved as amended unanimously.

Adjournment: The meeting was adjourned at 7:15pm with no objection.

Next Meeting: There was no date set for the next meeting. The board will be notified via email as to the next board meeting date. The minutes and agenda are due to be distributed before the next meeting. Items for consideration for the next agenda could potentially include:

New Business:

  • Family Membership: directive to the Membership Committee?
  • Member Benefits: directive to the Membership Committee?
  • Increasing Membership: directive to the Membership Committee?
  • Fundraising: directive to Membership Committee?
  • Sponsorship: request assistance from Tripp Holmgrain?

Old Business:

  • Vision Statement: Richard
  • WJD 2001: Paul
  • Festival 2000 accounting and report: Ginny
  • Festival 2001 progress report: Ginny
  • IJA budget 2001: Financial Committee
  • LMP: Membership Committee
  • Communications: Katje
  • Clubs & Affiliates report: Katje (is Katje the C&A director? this wasn't assigned)
  • Web site report: Martin
  • Magazine specifications report: Magazine Committee

Previous minutes: August 3, 2000 | List of available minutes | Next minutes: November 27, 2000
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