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IJA BOARD MEETING - MAY 22, 2001 called to order 9:05 p.m. EST

PRESENT: Paul Richmond, Chairman; Art Jennings, Braidy Brown, Martin Frost, Katje Sabin, Todd Strong, Ben Schoenberg, Board Members; Norman Schneiderman, General Manager; Becky Schneiderman, recorder.

ABSENT: Ginny Rose, Festival Coordinator; Richard Dingman, Secretary/Treasurer.


(Ben joins during discussion.) The Excellence in Education award has been developed and sponsored by Laura Green. Laura, Dave Finnigan, and committee members, consisting of past recipients, select a nominee each year. The board unamimously agreed to give the award this year to Kevin O'Keefe.

Laura has made a request to the IJA for a financial contribution towards the approximate $450 cost for the award. Concerns were expressed that this might set a precedent.

It was suggested that specific donations towards the award could be included with a solicitation of the membership for donations. There is concern that this might dilute donations to the organization as a whole.

If Laura should find it necessary or desirable to discontinue sponsoring the award, the IJA could continue the presentation, but not necessarily with an award of the same monetary cost.

The board agreed not to make a monetary contribution this year.


A contract between Alan Plotkin and the IJA has been developed and all parties are in agreement. The board is waiting for a response from Sam Kilbourne regarding the legal content. Norman will contact Sam for an update.

The next step is for the tapes - competitions, Renegade, etc. - to be sent to Alan.

Releases will be needed from individuals other than those who are on the championship tapes.

It was suggested that the IJA receive copies of the original videos for the archives. This will be negotiated as a separate issue.


The International Sport Juggling Federation has been developed through Albert Lucas' efforts to promote juggling as a recognized sport. On May 27, 2001, joggling, with some of the top 200 meter jogglers, will be featured on Fox Sports' coverage of the Prefontaine Classic.

Stan Allen should be contacted so he can arrange for coverage for the magazine. It is unclear whether the event was going to be broadcast live or presented at a later date.

The board went into executive session.
The board came out of executive session.


Norman has had lengthy conversations with Stan Allen regarding settlement of accounts between Stagewrite, Inc. and the IJA. Negotiations for a new contract are underway as well.

Norman presented a summary of Stan's viewpoint on several issues. Stan does not think providing free magazines would be beneficial. He feels it would devalue the magazine and that if it is at all considered, only older issues should be distributed in such a manner.

There has been discussion as to whether there would be any significant savings in printing fewer magazines per issue. Stan thinks blow-in cards are a good idea. He wants to see a more aggressive approach to renewals - "Renew now! Send a check."

In Stan's experience, prepaid postage doesn't work. He suggested setting up a system to take credit cards over the net, perhaps with PayPal. Gift subscriptions could be offered.

Local IJA mailing labels are customarily sent out to the various regional and local festivals. In return, they could be asked to send their lists to the IJA.

Stan does not feel the Insider is an incentive for members. There is not enough about members to entice them.

Norman will e-mail the new proposal to the board including an e-mail from Stan.

Stan has requested an extension for the current contract to include the November/December issue to give the Desert Moon trial more time to develop.

The board agreed to extend the contract.

The Madison Festival 54 flyer has been sent out to over 5000 current and past members.

Norman to insert figures from financial report. Expenses for the Archive Fund for 1999 were taken out in 2000. The current membership is 1890, down approximately seventy members. There were four introductory memberships, forty youth memberships and two new family memberships. Membership generally tends to grow prior to festivals. The July/August issue of JUGGLE will reflect the real trend.


The board explored the possibility of making past issues of JUGGLE available to give away at local and regional festivals. It was suggested that a few issues could be included in the festival package the IJA sends out to be used as raffle items to generate funds for the particular festival, or even just to be handed out to those who register. However, it was pointed out that raffle items are not always valued by those receiving them and inclusion as such might devalue the magazine.

The magazines could be sold, perhaps at the T-shirt table, with all proceeds or a split of proceeds going to the festival and the balance to the IJA. Back issues could be available for sale at a "Meet the IJA" table. After lengthy discussion the board decided to make issues of JUGGLE available for sale for the price of $4.00 with the possibility of splitting proceeds. This will add to the cost of shipping festival packages.

Festivals would be screened and selected on a case by case basis. Richard could ask coordinators when they contact him for festival packages as to whether they would want to sell JUGGLE. Martin offered to take a package to the Seattle festival. Ben suggested making a montage of magazine covers to display at festivals. Norman and Richard will follow-up.

Stan will be at the Madison festival and will probably do a "Meet JUGGLE" workshop. Norman will mention it to him. Stan also would like to meet with the board.


Steve and Michelle Gerdes have requested the IJA provide something, perhaps issues of JUGGLE or brochures, to hand out to nonmembers who attend WJD. Norman will find out what is currently sent out to WJD organizers. Other organizers may want something, too. It could be done as an experiment.

Criteria for success need to be established. Perhaps Steve could keep a record of the recipients for reference to see if they eventually join. It was decided to put the request on hold for the time being until more information is available. Richard and Norman would be responsible for deciding when to send magazines out.


Changes to the bylaws regarding voting have been sent to Sam Kilbourne and two other lawyers with no response from any as of yet. A legal opinion is needed as the board is in agreement of the intent. Todd will contact a member.


Sites being considered for the 2002 summer festival are Colorado Springs (too expensive), Myrtle Beach (third most visited vacation spot in the US -- Ginny has not been to do a site visit yet), Reno, NV and Redding, PA (suggested by Dave Faust -- it is too late to be considered for next year).

A request was made that Ginny provide information in table form, using the list of what is necessary for a festival site as a guide, including a column for expenses, so comparisons can be made more easily.

Ginny was given the go-ahead to do a site visit to Myrtle Beach. An issue under consideration is whether to go with one large gym, which is not located directly at the beach and would be more expensive, vs. three separate, smaller gyms right on the beach.

There are concerns that travel from the west may be problematic, requiring two connections. Martin found flights with only one connection as the discussion continued. The board suggested a time line for Ginny for site selection for the 2003 summer festival. A preliminary list is to be provided by the end of October of this year and a final list by March of next year.


MOTION: To accept the minutes from January 29, 2001.
SECOND: Braidy

MOTION: To accept the minutes from February 26, 2001.

Not all board members have read the minutes.

AMENDED MOTION: To accept the minutes from February 26, 2001, and amend if there are any changes within one week from today, May 22, 2001.

Board members should be prepared to vote on the minutes from March 26, 2001, and May 22, 2001, at the next board meeting. Todd will check the March minutes for grammar. In the future, Martin and Todd will take turns doing a preliminary edit to correct any grammatical and spelling errors. The board as a whole will then have opportunity to give input on the content. Katje requested that she receive a direct e-mail of the final draft.

Members will be surveyed to find out what they would like to see for minutes in the Insider - full minutes or a summary in the Chairman's report with details available on the web or by SASE. Martin will formulate a letter. Kathy Kalvan needs plenty of advance notice so she will have time to come up with alternative material for the Insider.


The finance committee is okay with reestablishing the Life Membership Program with a $1500.00 fee. There is still discussion as to whether to offer payment in installments. Input for the letter is needed from the fundraising and membership committees. A final draft will be distributed to the committees and approved by May 29, 2001. It will then be presented to the board for review and its blessings.


Stuart Celarier responded to the current letter suggesting major changes. Katje offered to rewrite the membership donation letter within 10 days. Ben also offered to make an attempt, as did Martin.

There is a sense of urgency to get something out. It might be better to fine tune it in subsequent letters. The deadline for the Insider is May 25. It was suggested that the current letter be tweaked for the Insider and posted on the Forum with an individual mail out to follow, as individual letters tend to get a better response.


Agenda items not addressed at this meeting include the budget, and organization and structure of the IJA/board. Discussion will continue by e-mail.

The date for the next meeting is June 19, 2001.

Art reminded the board of the purpose of the IJA, and stated he feels that the current trend is far off the mark. More focus is being put on money than the art or promotion of juggling.


Previous minutes: March 26, 2001 | List of available minutes | Next minutes: June 26, 2001

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