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IJA Board Meeting - August 27, 2003

Present: Scott Slesnick, chair pro tem; Jaye Butler, Andrew Conway, Ben Schoenberg, Todd Strong, directors; Katje Sabin, recording secretary pro tem. (Chairman David Davis is on leave of absence; director Greg Phillips had a family emergency)

Call to order: Meeting called to order at 6:39pm PDT.

Agenda: Several additions were made to the agenda. The agenda was accepted as amended by unanimous consent.


Meeting of August 14, 2003: Several corrections were made. The minutes of the July 30, 2003, meeting were approved as corrected by unanimous consent.

Meeting of August 19, 2003: The minutes of the August 19, 2003, meeting were approved by unanimous consent.

Minutes of past meetings: Jaye states that she believes several meetings that are listed on the IJA web site as unapproved have in fact been approved and should be updated. However, nobody currently on the board or staff has copies of these minutes. Jaye agrees to contact Richard Dingman, who was the acting recording secretary at the time, and have him forward the minutes of the approved meetings to the current board. (Note: The remaining unapproved meeting minutes will be reviewed and corrected by the committee created for this purpose at the July 18, 2003, meeting. This committee is composed of Ben, Jaye and Scott).


Magazine Liaison: Todd nominates Ben as magazine liaison. Ben accepts the nomination.

For: Andrew, Ben, Scott, Todd
Against: Jaye
Motion to appoint Ben as magazine liaison passes.


Final Staff Report: The final report on the status of the IJA during transition was submitted via email on August 14, 2003, by outgoing general manager Norman Schneiderman and outgoing festival coordinator Ginny Rose (Attachment 1).

Chair pro tem: Scott reports that he has continued negotiating with Stan Allen, of Stagewrite Publishing, Inc. The final contract should be submitted in the next day or so.

Jaye states that a lawyer with Nevada credentials should review the contract for the IJA. Todd offers to contact a Nevada lawyer who did pro bono work for MotionFest and see if she would be willing to help.

Secretary pro tem: Mike Sullivan, secretary pro tem, is out of town, but his wife, Marilyn Sullivan, has been working closely with him and is willing to make a report to the board.

[Marilyn joins the call at 7:22pm PDT]

She reported that they had received the cell phones from Martin Frost, and the copier from Richard Dingman, along with many paper items. They have been working on the backlog of membership updates, changes of addresses, and new members. They have been forwarding merchandise orders to Alan Plotkin, merchandise manager pro tem, and Andrew, treasurer pro tem. They have been sending new membership cards and a decal to new members. The database is up to date, and they plan to run a query on upcoming renewals soon. Mike is considering changing membership cards to a postcard format.

[Marilyn leaves the call at 7:31pm PDT]


Merchant Account: Andrew moves the following:

(Note: Bank means Chittenden Bank, the IJA's current merchant account carrier)

  1. RESOLVED, that any one of the following officers of the company is authorized to:
    1. execute on behalf of the company a Merchant Processing Agreement with Bank and any supplemental agreements amending that agreement;
    2. execute any document requested from time to time by Bank to be executed by this company;
    3. perform all acts which Bank may deem necessary to carry out the intent of the Merchant Processing Agreement and these Resolutions.
  2. Resolved, that the Merchant Processing Agreement is ratified and approved;
  3. Resolved, that the Bank is authorized to rely upon this Entity Certification until advised in writing by a like certification of any changes and is authorized to rely on such changed certification.
    (Name, Title)
    Andrew Conway, Treasurer Pro Tem

The board discusses the motion.

Motion passes by unanimous consent.

Merchandise: Andrew proposes the following pair of motions:
A) That Andrew Conway be authorized to set up IJA tables at the Portland and Lodi Juggling Festivals, and
B) that Andrew Conway be authorized to sell IJA merchandise at a discount for a test period.

The board discusses the motion.

Motion passes by unanimous consent.

Video contract: Andrew moves that the board appoint a video liaison, and authorize the liaison to begin the process of selecting a video producer for a three year contract subject to ratification by the board.

This motion was tabled to the next meeting.

Festival site inspection: Andrew moves that Sandy Brown, convention coordinator pro tem, be authorized to visit Buffalo to inspect the convention site and assess theater options, and that the IJA will reimburse her expenses up to $300.

The board discusses the motion.

Motion passes by unanimous consent.


The next meeting will be scheduled by email.


Meeting adjourned by unanimous consent at 8:30pm PDT.

Respectfully submitted,

Katje Sabin
IJA recording secretary, pro-tem

Attachment 1:


August 14, 2003

Please find below a tabulation of the festival actual performance 
compared to the budget we presented for the festival. As you will 
see, we had a slightly better turnout which was predictable as we 
budget for a worst case turn out and a slightly better (smaller) 
expenses which is also predictable as we budget for a worst case 
scenario for the expenses. Both combined to increase our net to 
(according to this statement) of over $38,500 net profit. A much 
needed injection of revenues for the IJA.

We budgeted for 410 paying jugglers to attend. We actually had over 
550 jugglers but that included the comps for the volunteers, 
performers, board and etceteras.

We seem to have come very close to our budget thanks to the hard 
efforts of Ginny Rose and her meticulous planning and great support 
team she organizes.

Norman Schneiderman, General Manager

       Fest 2003           PRICE     Reno        Income      Actual 2002     Actual 2003     Actual Fest 2003 totals
                                        #'s       Projection    Income            Income               Income
AEP                            275        225        61,875                          76,162               76,162
YEP                            175         60        10,500                          10,675               10,675
DAILY GYM                      189        125        23,625                          19,254               19,254
TUES SHOW                       20        100         2,000                           2,610                2,610
YSC/JRS                         15        150         2,250                           2,703                2,703
IND/TEAMS                       20        300         6,000                           4,960                4,960
FRI SHOW                        20        200         4,000                           3,900                3,900
COS                             25        400        10,000                           7,812                7,812
T-SHIRTS                        15        300         4,500                           2,467                2,467
VENDORS                        245         25         6,125                           3,105                3,105
MISC                                                                                    726                  726
SPECTATOR PASS                                                                          685                  685
PARENT/PARTNER PASS                                                                     650                  650
SPONSOR ANTHONY GATTO                                                                 1,200                1,200
BUTTONS                                                                                 111                  111
CHAMPIONSHIP ENTRY FEES                                                                 310                  310
JASON GARFIELD WORKSHOP                                                               2,200                2,200

Tot Bodys                                 410

Totals                                              130,875                         139,530              139,530

                                                  Expenses          Expenses       Expenses            Expenses
                                                 Projection       Actual 2002     Actual 2003        2003 totals
A&P                                                   1,500
AWARDS                                                  100
BANK CHGS                                             2,000                           2,155                2,155
CHAMPS                                                5,250          1,164            4,151                5,315
EQUIP. RENTAL                                         2,400                           3,350                3,350
FACILITY                                      COMP                                                             0
LABOR                                                 3,750                                                    0
THEATRE                                              12,000                                                    0
INSURANCE                                             3,900          1,876            1,983                3,859
MDSE FOR RESALE                                       5,850                           4,867                4,867
POSTAGE/SHIPPING                                      4,000             39            1,804                1,843
PRINTING                                              7,500            283            5,036                5,319
PROF SERVICES                                        10,000            500           19,415               19,915
SALARY                                               25,000          6,298           13,382               19,680
TELEPHONE                                             3,500            761            1,484                2,245
TRACK                                         TBD                                                              0
TRAVEL:                                                                151           20,007               20,158
BOD                                                   4,992                                                    0
STAFF/PERFORMERS                                     18,991                                                    0
MISCELLANEOUS                                         2,600                           2,494                2,494
OFFICE SUPPLIES                                         300                              44                   44
EMPLOYEE TAXES STATE/FED                                             2,673            5,681                8,354
SPONSORSHIPS                                                                          1,350                1,350

Totals                                              113,633         13,745           87,203              100,948

Net                                                  17,242                          52,327               38,582

Here is where we stand as of Aug 3, 2003.
Note that the Bud's funds have all been closed. We have now closed 
the local IJA checking account and sent Conway a check for $40K+, 
leaving enough to cover outstanding checks.  Conway has been sent all 
financial files.

				 Balance Sheet
				August 11, 2003
				    Page   1


Current Assets:
   Cash                                                        40,685.06
   Life Member Fund                                            78,528.83
   Advance                                                      1,500.00
   Archival Fund                                               38,309.41
   Inventory                                                   13,853.00
    TOTAL CURRENT ASSETS                                      172,876.30

Fixed Assets:
   Furniture and Fixtures                                       8,611.50
   Accum depre - F & F                                         -8,611.50
   Equipment                                                      725.16
   Accum. Deprc. Equipment                                       -725.16
    TOTAL ASSETS                                              172,876.30

                               LIABILITIES & EQUITY

   Accrued Expenses FWT/FICA                                      679.12
   Accrued Expenses SWT                                           175.08
    Total Liabilities                                             854.20

   Beginning Retained Earnings                                167,129.03
   Current Period Profit (Loss)                                 4,893.07
    Total Equity                                              172,022.10
    TOTAL LIABILITIES & EQUITY                                172,876.30

Here are the account balances as of August 3. (note again that the 
checking operating account has been closed and the money sent to 

The Vanguard Group                                                458.74
   Checking Operating Account                                  40,226.32
   Cash                                                        40,685.06

   Vanguard New LM                                              7,367.77
   The Vanguard Group LM                                       71,161.06
   Life Member Fund                                            78,528.83

   Advance on expenses G. Rose                                  1,000.00
   Advance on expenses R. Dingm                                   500.00
   Advance                                                      1,500.00

   The Vanguard Group Archival                                 38,309.41
   Archival Fund                                               38,309.41

Respectfully Submitted by:
Norman Schneiderman, General Manager
Ginny Rose, Festival Coordinator

Previous minutes: August 19, 2003 | List of available minutes | Next minutes: September 18, 2003
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