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IJA Board Meeting - September 18, 2003

Present: David Davis, chair; Andrew Conway, Greg Phillips, Ben Schoenberg, Scott Slesnick, Todd Strong, directors; Katje Sabin, recording secretary pro tem. (Director Jaye Butler requested via email that the record show she was excused from this meeting.)

Call to order: Meeting called to order at 6:34pm PDT.

Agenda: One amendment was made to the agenda.
The agenda was accepted as amended by unanimous consent.


Meeting of August 27, 2003: One correction was made.
The minutes of the August 27, 2003, meeting were approved as corrected by unanimous consent.

Minutes of past meetings: Unapproved meeting minutes will be reviewed and corrected by an ad hoc committee created for this purpose at the July 18, 2003, meeting (Jaye, Scott and Ben). The dates of these meetings are as follows: April 14, 2003 (two meetings); May 6, 2003; May 8, 2003; May 15, 2003; July 10, 2003.


Royalty: From member Mark Bakalor: "I'm happy to report that the publishing company Prentice Hall will soon be featuring (a) photograph taken by yours truly of Anthony Gatto performing at this year's convention in an upcoming college physics textbook. A donation of $50 is being made to the IJA, in addition to a copy of the textbook for the IJA's archive."


Web/e-commerce: In addition to written reports submitted prior to the meeting, Andrew stated that he and Webmaster Martin Frost are working out shipping cost problems with PayPal. Otherwise online operations are moving along smoothly, with approximately $800 of income already coming in through the PayPal account.

Secretary: Mike Sullivan, secretary pro tem, submitted a written report prior to the meeting.

(Ben joined the meeting at 6:40pm.)

Festival: Sandy Brown, festival director pro tem, submitted a written report prior to the meeting.

Treasurer: Andrew, treasurer pro tem, submitted a written report prior to the meeting. He added that we now have a merchant account (which means we can accept credit card payments) and all backlog transactions have been entered. PayPal is not able to validate NetBank checking accounts, so he is working to open a new account to allow large withdrawals from PayPal.

Affiliates: It was noted that David Walbridge has started a Yahoo group for affiliates and festival directors to network. The IJA does not at this time have an affiliate director, and will wait until the next issue of JUGGLE magazine, with a call for volunteers, is circulated before choosing one. Todd mentioned that Motionfest offered two sponsorships to their next event in November. Dave will deal with this generous offer.


Bylaws Revision: Greg proposed an amendment to the Bylaws as follows: delete Article 3, paragraph 8, concerning voting of the board of directors ("Unless otherwise specified in these bylaws, the vote of a majority of the directors present at that time shall be an act of the Board of Directors. Each director present shall be entitled to one (1) vote.").

(Note: The intention behind the deletion of this paragraph is to bring the bylaws into agreement with Roberts Rules of Order. The way the bylaw was written, an abstaining vote counted the same as a "no" vote. The IJA does have a committee working on updating the bylaws, however this particular section was causing continuing confusion and so needed to be dealt with in a timely manner.)

The board discussed the motion.
Motion passed by unanimous consent.

Expenses: Andrew proposed the following motion: that the board of directors authorize payment of $5470.80 to reimburse Andrew Conway for expenses incurred on behalf of the IJA.

It was suggested that the position of treasurer be bonded, instead of each successive person that takes the job. Andrew will research this.

The board discussed the motion.
Motion passed by unanimous consent.

JUGGLE Magazine Contract: Scott reported that the contract is nearly ready for board review. He and Stan Allen, of Stagewrite Publishing, Inc., have updated the contract to include an agreement on joint copyright. A Nevada lawyer has agreed to review the contract on a pro bono basis for the IJA.

Video Contract: The IJA needs a Video Liaison to work on creating a request for proposals for future video contracts. Greg nominated Todd as the Video Liaison. Todd accepted the nomination.
Motion to appoint Todd as Video Liaison passed by unanimous consent.


New Bank Account: Andrew proposed the following: Resolved, that one or more accounts shall be established in the name of the Organization with Guaranty Bank ("Depository Institution") under the rules and regulations as prescribed by the Depository Institution, wherein may be deposited the funds of the Organization, whether represented by cash, checks, notes or other evidence of debt, and from which deposit withdrawals are hereby authorized in the name of the Organization upon orders signed by any one of the signatures below. [Form to be signed by Treasurer]. Endorsements for deposit may be evidenced by writing or stamping the name of the Organization on the instrument deposited, without designation of the party making the endorsement.

(Note: This motion is a technical requirement to set up an account for processing membership payment over the web.)

The board discussed the motion.
The motion passed by unanimous consent.

Membership Drive: The board discussed several ideas for launching a membership drive. Setting up a gift certificate option, payable via PayPal, on the website, was suggested.

Festival Committee: Work on the 2005 festival needs to begin soon. Katje volunteered to begin collecting proposals for 2005. Once the magazine is sent out, more volunteers may be available.

European Representative: Mini Mansell, the secretary for the European Juggling Association, has volunteered to serve as the IJA European Representative. Several ideas were given for the scope of this job. Dave will work with Mini to write up a job description for this position, with the intention of possibly having representatives in many countries in the future. We will invite applications from other people in case many people are interested in the position.

Archives: Scott will contact Braidy Brown regarding the status of the archives, and to develop ideas on how to catalog them and make the materials available to members. Andrew has additional archival material to add to the archives. A volunteer has offered to assist with the archive program. The board agreed that the preservation of the archives is paramount to the survival of the IJA, and that they will be handled with love and care.


The next meeting will be scheduled by email. The board agreed to work towards setting up a standing date for future meetings.


Meeting adjourned by unanimous consent at 7:38pm PDT.
The novelty of such a short and productive meeting was commented upon favorably by all present.

Respectfully submitted,

Katje Sabin
IJA recording secretary, pro-tem

Previous minutes: August 27, 2003 | List of available minutes | Next minutes: October 21, 2003
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