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IJA Board Meeting - October 21, 2003

Present: David Davis, chair; Andrew Conway, Greg Phillips, Ben Schoenberg, Scott Slesnick, Todd Strong, directors; Katje Sabin, recording secretary pro tem; Sandy Brown, festival coordinator.

Call to order: Meeting called to order at 6:34 PDT.

Agenda: One amendment was made to the agenda.
The agenda was accepted as amended by unanimous consent.


Meeting of September 18, 2003: Several adjustments were made. The minutes of the September 18, 2003, meeting were approved as adjusted by unanimous consent.

Minutes of past meetings: Unapproved meeting minutes will be reviewed and corrected by an ad hoc committee (Jaye, Scott and Ben). The dates of these meetings are as follows: April 14, 2003; May 6, 2003; May 8, 2003; May 15, 2003; July 10, 2003.


Secretary: Mike Sullivan, secretary pro tem, submitted a written report prior to the meeting.

Treasurer: Andrew Conway, treasurer pro tem, submitted a written report prior to the meeting.

Festival: Sandy Brown, festival director pro tem, submitted a written report prior to the meeting. She was also present at the meeting to answer questions and get feedback on several topics, including a festival budget, the theater, and guests.

Greg moved that the Cascade of Stars show for the Buffalo festival be held in Shea Theater as proposed by Sandy Brown.
Aye: Andrew, David, Greg, Ben, Todd
Nay: Scott
Motion to hold the COS show in Shea Theater passed.

(Sandy left the meeting at this point)

Bylaws Committee: Scott reported that the Bylaws Committee has begun to meet, and has already started work on a new draft of the IJA bylaws.

Archives: Scott reported that Braidy Brown is interested in continuing as the Archives Director, but on a limited basis. Alan Howard has agreed to being an assistant to Braidy.

Affiliates: We are still looking for an affiliates director.


JUGGLE Magazine: Scott reported that the contract went to our pro bono lawyer for review last week. He'd just gotten a report from her, and that she wanted a little more time to research some items. Final approval of the contract was tabled until the next meeting.

Video Contract: Todd proposed the following Request for Proposals (RFP):

"The International Jugglers' Association (IJA) is looking for an individual or group to create video records of its annual summer festival. Specifically, we are looking to have a minimum of four products created at each festival:
1) Highlights of the festival
2) Championships video
3) Showcase of Young Talent
4) Numbers Competition
These four products will be offered for sale by the IJA in some combination of both VHS and DVD formats. Traditionally the first two are offered in both formats. The second two are offered in VHS format. The successful applicant will provide equipment and personnel to film footage of IJA events including (but not limited to):
numbers competition
open juggling on the main floor
other events associated with the festival
Additionally, the applicant(s) will edit and provide post-production work to create commercially viable products.
The IJA festival traditionally begins on Monday morning and continues through Saturday evening. Festivals are usually held in July or August."

The board directed Todd to continue working on the proposal, and to begin circulating it in one week.

Appointment of officers: Greg moved to accept the following officers/positions for the remainder of its term:
Membership Directors, Mike and Marilyn Sullivan
Festival Director, Sandy Brown
Championships Director, Craig Barnes
Archive Director, Braidy Brown
Recording Secretary, Katje Sabin
The motion passed by unanimous consent.

Membership drive: The board discussed ideas for a membership drive. It was decided to begin a conversation on the IJA Forum and enlist a volunteer to oversee such a project.

Festival input: The board discussed the level of involvement it needs to have in the production of the festival.

European representative: Scott moved to appoint Mini Mansell as the IJA European Representative, to promote the IJA and garner new memberships at events across the European continent.

It was decided that the IJA website would have an announcement saying that we are interested in finding other regional representatives.
Motion passed by unanimous consent.


Roster: Greg moved the following: "In the future, the primary distribution of the IJA Roster will be electronic, using a password-protected 'members-only' section of the IJA web site. The Roster will be in an electronic format that prevents easy extraction of members' personal information but allows printing. The electronic version of the Roster will be updated at least twice per year. A paper copy of the Roster will continue to be provided once annually to any member who specifically requests one. Members will be given a reasonable opportunity to 'opt out' of having their contact information appear in the Roster."
Motion passed by unanimous consent.

Fundraising letter: Dave will get the ball rolling on this project.

Affiliates plan: Member Eric Bagai has proposed that the affiliates be given the opportunity to send a youth to the IJA festival. It was agreed that this is a good idea and that the IJA should implement it, but that we should have an affiliates director first. This concept will be revisited once an affiliates director has been recruited.

Video proposal: Andrew moved the following: That the IJA authorizes Andrew Conway to negotiate a deal involving a non-exclusive license to duplicate and sell older videos on which the IJA is no longer paying a royalty to a private company.
The motion passed by unanimous consent.


A) Andrew moved to appoint Alan Howard as Assistant Archive Director, contingent upon acceptance.
Motion passed by unanimous consent.

B) Andrew moved to authorize expenditure of up to $2000 from the Archive fund for preparation of digital video copies of the IJA's master videos to preserve our video archives for historical purposes.
Motion passed by unanimous consent.

Treasurer appointment: Greg moved to appoint Dan Howard as Treasurer, and that Karen Miel, Jack McMichael and Andrew Conway be appointed Assistant Treasurers, effective November 1, 2003.
Motion passed by unanimous consent.


The next meeting will be held at 6:30pm PST, Nov. 18, 2003. Katje will likely be unable to take notes; Greg volunteered to fill in as secretary.


Meeting adjourned by unanimous consent at 8:45pm PDT.

Respectfully submitted,

Katje Sabin
IJA recording secretary

Previous minutes: September 18, 2003 | List of available minutes | Next minutes: November 18, 2003
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