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IJA Board Meeting - August 31, 2004

1. Call to order

The meeting was called to order by Todd Strong at 6:33pm Pacific Time.

Andrew Conway was appointed recording secretary pro-tem.

2. Roll

Present: Todd Strong, Chairman; Andrew Conway, Dave Davis, Joyce Howard, Jerry Martin, Bob Neuman, Directors; Dan Howard, Secretary/Treasurer. Absent: Tim Furst, Director

3. Approval of Agenda

The agenda was approved as amended.

4. Approve July 27, 2004 minutes

The minutes of the Board meeting of July 27, 2004 were approved as corrected.

5. Reports

2004 Festival Report

Todd reported that a draft written report is under review, and will be distributed to the board at the end of week.

2005 Festival Report

As of last week, Todd Strong is the new festival director pro tem. He has received proposals from the Rivercenter convention center and the Radisson hotel, both in Davenport. He is waiting for a proposal from the theater.

Treasurer's Report

Dan Howard stated that he wished to be replaced as primary treasurer effective October 1. The board expressed their thanks for all Dan's work in this capacity.

2006 Festival Site Selection

Todd reported that RFP will be published in a week or two

Governance Committee Report

Dave reported that the following people have contacted him and have shown an interest/willingness in being on the committee. Kathy Kaufman Don Lewis Russ O'Brien Robert Puhalla Art Thomas

Video Projects

Andrew has just received this year's DVDs from Alan. They look good. Todd should be getting a copy for review, too. We are starting to get wholesale orders for DVDs. Alan Plotkin has prepared a Buffalo Renegade video, which the IJA will review and decide if we want to sell.

Business Processes Streamlining Committee

Joyce reported that work is still in progress on this. She is looking for more committee members and will post a request on the public forum.

Archives Report

See attachments

Webteam Report

See attachments

6. Unfinished Business

There was no unfinished business

7. New business

7a. Governance Committee Dave moves that the board appoint the following people to the Governance Committee:

  • Kathy Kaufman
  • Don Lewis
  • Russ O'Brien
  • Robert Puhalla
  • Art Thomas

Approved by unanimous consent.

7b. Unused JUGGLE over-printings Dave moves that the IJA try an experimental membership drive using currently unused over-printings of JUGGLE.

Approved by unanimous consent.

7c Video project on women jugglers In exchange for use clips from the IJA video library by the producers of a DVD on women jugglers, Joyce will attempt to negotiate a discounted price for IJA members.

7d Webteam Dave moves that the board authorizes sufficient funds (up to $2,000 annually) to proceed with the objectives outline in the Web Team Report.

Approved by unanimous consent.

8. Discussion and setting next meeting date

The nest meeting will be Wednesday, September 22, 2004 at 9:30 p.m. Eastern time.

9. Adjournment

The meeting adjourned at 8:05pm Pacific Time


  1. Web Team Report
  2. Archives Report

Web team report

The web team has been quite active over the last month.

  • We have prepared a section on "how to juggle" to be added to our site. This is comprised of links to sites we have identified as good resources.
  • We have examined several forum software alternatives and experimented with integrating them into the site.
  • We have continued our efforts to revise the over-all look and feel of the site including a new home page. To date we have yet to find a solution with undesirable side effects. Undesirable side effects may be unavoidable.
  • We have looked into gallery software that would allow members to have a way to share juggling photos and/or videos.

We expect to be able to have all of these improvements available soon.

-David Davis
Web Team Member

IJA Archives Report

The IJA Archives has gradually been pulling itself together and rapidly increasing in size. Here's an update on what's happened to it lately, from assistant archive director Alan Howard. (That's me.) The present home of the Archives is Las Vegas. Stan Allen purchased a large building for Stagewrite Publishing last year and presently has plenty of unused warehouse space. The archives now live there (with a number of boxes of videos, negatives, etc. being stored upstairs in my office, in a more temperate climate).

The archives include 9 boxes of materials which were mailed to me from Richard and Ginny a couple years ago, plus a number of boxes (mainly containing financial records and similar files) which had previously been sent to Andrew Conway. These were delivered to Vegas by Karen Quest, who drove down from San Francisco last year and packed along as much of the stuff from Andrew's as she could. I believe he still has one or two items remaining which were too big to transport along with everything else (such as Kris Kremo's old prop table, from his days in Las Vegas).

Mary Wilkins made significant contributions to the archives, with magazines and nearly a full file of IJA Newsletters. (It may actually be complete now, with the recent acquisitions from her -- see below.) When I arrived in Buffalo in July I was not expecting to become caretaker of so much of the archives, but Braidy Brown showed up with a van full of stuff. Posters, display boards, photos, scrapbooks, props, letters, etc. -- all the archive item he had in his possession. He turned them all over to me to transport back to Las Vegas. I squeezed as much as I could into my rental car on Sunday (not being able to pack them properly and ship them out that day), and drove them to Cleveland, where I was for the next few days. I packed them all for shipping and sent them via UPS from Cleveland to the Stagewrite offices in Las Vegas. All boxes arrived, seemingly unhurt. (Well, the boxes were a bit scarred, but the contents are okay.)

There were approximately five boxes which would not fit into my car. Sandy Brown took charge of these, loading them into her van and transporting them to Kansas. We have not yet made plans to get those here to Vegas. Sandy has a couple large boxes of auction items, a plastic trunk of 10 (I think) Harry Lind clubs, and two boxes containing the Passing Zone's Teams trophy (a for-display model, I am told).

In August I rented a van and drove to Phoenix to pick up boxes of 248 juggling videotapes, previously purchased from Mary Wilkins and stored at Dave Davis' home. In a vehicle with no mileage charges, this seemed a good time to get these boxes of tapes, since I had to go to Mary Wilkins' home in Chino, California that weekend anyway. Mary was moving, and that was the only time I had available to get to see and bring back her collection of books before she had to be out of her old house.

Braidy and Mary had worked out a deal in Buffalo for the IJA to acquire her juggling library. The items were to be auctioned off in 2005, with the IJA and Mary splitting the profits 50/50; the IJA would also be able to purchase any items we wanted to retain for the archives, working out an individual per-item price with Mary. When I arrived in Chino, Mary said she had changed her mind -- with no guarantee that the books would all sell in 2005, and not wanting to see this deal dragged out over a number of years, she preferred a single one-time settlement. I agreed to her price of $2,500.

The IJA now owns the majority of Mary's collection of books, magazines, clippings, photos, displays, etc. We may do with them as we wish, either keeping them in the archives or auctioning pieces off. I think this is a great deal, and do not think there is much we should be auctioning. Especially in the books and magazines -- the rest of the IJA archives includes no books, and I think this is an important start at a comprehensive research library for the IJA. If we had stuck with the original deal between Mary and Braidy to auction or buy these (either for an agreed price or by bidding for ourselves at the auction itself), we could well have gone beyond the total price Mary was asking.

I have sent three bills to IJA Treasurer Dan Howard for reimbursement/payment: $2500 to go to Mary Wilkins, van rental and gas costs to go to me, and UPS shipping costs to go to Stagewrite (to whom I billed the boxes shipped from Cleveland to Vegas, since I knew the account codes and Stan okayed my using them).

Now, in a temporary relatively-slow period between magazines, conventions, and shows, I am starting to sort through and catalog all the IJA Archives items. First a general listing of what is in each box, then later a more detailed accounting of all items individually. Future plans include scanning papers, photos, and photo negatives to help preserve them digitally, and copying videos onto DVD, again to aid with preservation of the contents.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Assistant Archives Director

Previous minutes: July 27, 2004 | List of available minutes | Next minutes: October 20, 2004
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