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IJA Board Meeting- August 15, 2007


1. CALL TO ORDER: Chair Don Lewis called the meeting to order at 8:04 p.m. EDT.

2. ROLL:
Present: Don Lewis, chair; Sandy Brown, Kim Laird, John Satriano, Chuck Hawley, Will Penman, Jerry Martin (board members), Janelle Hawley (Recording Secretary), Holly Greeley (Treasurer), Jim Maxwell (Membership Director), Martin Frost (Communications Director), Mark Bakalor (member), Andrew Conway (member)
Absent: none

3. APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Chuck Hawley moved to approve the agenda - agenda was passed by unanimous consent

Kim Laird moved to approve the minutes from the July 18th Annual meeting - minutes were approved by unanimous consent.

Kim Laird moved to approve the minutes from the July 19th BOD meeting - minutes were approved by unanimous consent.

Sandy Brown moved to approve the minutes from the July 21st BOD meeting - minutes were approved by unanimous consent


Festival (John Satriano) - The accounting process is almost complete. The festival will report a profit. The festival evaluation will be sent out to members shortly through Speed Survey.

Membership (Jim Maxwell) - The current membership number is 1741. There will be some computer integration and updates. The software will synchronize databases between the forums, store, and membership database. The database will allow members to update their own information.

Finances (Holly Greeley) - Festival profit expected to be right on budget at around $30k. Holly is also preparing a plan of action for the 2008 Budget and will continue to discuss ideas for the budget through the forums.

Store (Sandy Brown) - The store has slowed for a while. 2007 T-shirts from the festival are being sold on the website.

Videos & DVD's (John Satriano, pro-tem) - 2007 festival DVD's are in development. John is looking into a database for juggler's to promo their own videos on the IJA website.

WJD (Don Lewis reporting for Don Higgins) - Sandy Brown volunteered to distribute the t-shirts. Don Higgins will be forwarding a formal report to the BOD.


6a. John Satriano moved that, for every IJA video production, the final artwork design (including text) for each disc and each cover be required to be approved either (1) by both the Video Coordinator and the Communications Director or (2) by the IJA Board itself.

Motion was passed by unanimous consent

6b. Don Lewis moved that, whereas the IJA owns valuable intellectual property worth of protection, and whereas the protection of said property such as by DMCA challenge can involve legal and/or image consequences for the IJA, be it resolved that such challenges must be reviewed by the Board before being filed.

Motion was passed by unanimous consent

6c. Don Lewis moved that IJA produce at least one more issue of Jugglevision, finances permitting.

Will Penman moved to table the motion - No second to the motion.
There was discussion on the financial feasibility of another Jugglevision for this year. Holly Greeley recommended it should be looked at for next year along with other ideas.
Will Penman moves to table the motion.
The motion to table was passed by unanimous consent.

6d. Kim Laird moved that a committee be formed for the review and revision of the IJA bylaws and that said committee make regular reports at each monthly board meeting and return to the board with a written revision for possible approval no later than March, 2008.

Discussion ensued regarding a chairperson for the committee. There was also concern for the timeline to get the revision completed. Will Penman volunteered to chair the committee.
Motion was passed by unanimous consent

6e. Sandy Brown moved that the IJA Open Business Forum, currently open to the general public, will become an IJA members-only forum when the membership database becomes synchronized with the website login database.

There was discussion regarding censorship of members. Board members express the importance that they have no intention to ban anyone from the forum.

Sandy Brown moved to end discussion.
Don Lewis, Sandy Brown, Kim Laird, John Satriano, Jerry Martin, Chuck Hawley vote Yes.
Will Penman votes No to end discussion.
Discussion was closed.
Motion was passed by unanimous consent

6f. Don Lewis moved that Janelle Hawley be confirmed as recording secretary

Chuck Hawley abstained from vote.
Motion was passed.

6g. Don Lewis moved that as a motion on continuing volunteer posts was inadvertently not passed in July that continuing volunteers are retroactively confirmed in their posts and all volunteers are sincerely thanked for their efforts on behalf of the IJA.

Don Lewis withdraws his motion and defers the motion to Sandy Brown.

Sandy Brown moved that the following volunteers will continue to serve during the 2007-2008 IJA term. These continuing appointments will be made retroactive to the end of the 2007 Annual Meeting.

Martin Frost (Communications Director)
David Landowne (Webmaster)
Mini Mansell (European Representative)
Jim Maxwell (Membership Director)
Todd Strong (Future Festivals Site Coordinator)
Braidy Brown (Assistant Archives Director)
Greg Phillips (Roster Wrangler & Canadian Representative)
Scott Slesnick (JUGGLE magazine liaison)
Alan Howard (Archives Director)
Sandy Brown (DVD/Magazine Distributor)
Jerry Martin (Affiliates Director)
John Satriano (Regional Festivals Coordinator)
Steven Ragatz (Mentor Program Liaison)
Holly Greeley (Treasurer)
Mike & Marilyn Sullivan (Membership Directors) - Will and Rhonda Murray will transition into their role fully by October
Scott Seltzer (Store Manager)

Andrew Conway requests to continue on as video coordinator
Motion passed by unanimous consent.

6h. Don Lewis moved that John Satriano be confirmed as video co-ordinator pro-tem.

Andrew Conway again requests that he would like to continue on as video coordinator.
Don Lewis notes that the position is temporary and an official appointment will be discussed for next meeting.
Motion passed by unanimous consent.

6i. Don Lewis moved that Richard Kennison be appointed festival Director 2008.

John Satriano reviewed his resume and recommends him for the position. Sandy Brown requested that the festival team include someone who has previously ran a festival.
Motion passed by unanimous consent.

7. NEXT MEETING: Next regular BOD meeting will be held on September 12th, 2007 at 8:00 p.m. EDT.

8. ADJOURNMENT: Don Lewis moved to adjourn. Meeting was adjourned at 9:48 p.m. EDT by unanimous consent.

Respectfully submitted by Janelle Hawley.

Previous minutes: July 21, 2007 | List of available minutes | Next minutes: September 12, 2007
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