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Regular Board Meeting April 27, 2011...

1. CALL TO ORDER: Chair Kim Laird called the meeting to order at 8:13 p.m. EST.

2. ROLL:

Present: Kim Laird (Chair), Kevin Axtell (joined at 8:16pm), Kevin McBeth, Thom Wall, Erin Stephens, Mike Sullivan (Future fest director, 2011 fest director), Brandi Axtell (recording secretary...joined at 8:16pm), Richard Kennison (joined call at 8:40pm)

Absent: Matt Hall

3. APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Erin S. moved to approve the agenda for April 27, 2011. Second by Thom W.

4. APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Erin S. moved to approve the minutes from March 16, 2011. Second by ____. No second was made. Approval of these minutes will take place at May meeting.


2011 Fest (Mike Sullivan)...

Only 81 days until the start of the 2011 IJA Festival in Rochester, MN!

Early registration closes on Sunday night, and we are watching registrations and hotel bookings closely. As of early this morning, *before* the effect of Martin's reminder e-mail went out or this month's edition of eNews, we had just over 100 total fest registrations in the system, which includes about 19 comp packages for volunteers and guests.

For comparison to 2009, at the same point in the registration cycle (just as early regs were about to close), we had 122 registrations in the system. So, we are a bit below 2009's rate, but we still have three days before the early regs close.

Hotel bookings are below where I'd like to see them right now, but we should remember that there is no incentive for people to reserve their hotel rooms early. Right now we're about 60% sold at the Doubletree and about 15% sold at the Hilton Garden Inn.

During April, we produced and shipped off the benefit show ticket stock to the Boys and Girls Club of Rochester so they can begin selling tickets for that fundrasier. We're also working on getting all the air tickets and other logistical arrangements lined up for our long list of special guests, including many performers flying in from Russia, Europe, Africa and all over the USA.

We have locked in the details of the Planting the Juggling Seed program for this year, which will be held in the middle of downtown on a large performance stage in the middle of the big "Thursdays on First" street fair. We're also talking to two downtown restaurants about sponsorship and cross-promotion opportunities.May will be a busy month as we start work on the festival program writing, show programs, finishing up all the travel details, t-shirt vendor and printing details, ordering our access control system and much more.

We have a conference call scheduled with the Civic Center and hotel teams in Rochester for the first week of each month from now through the festival, so that we're all in sync on all the preparations and nothing is left to chance.

Fest Fun Fund Committee (Matt Hall)... Email through Jek Kelly reminding IJA that anything coming from the iiWii donation needs to be recognized with the name iiWii.

Future Festivals (Mike Sullivan)... Second site visit to Bowling Green with Thom Wall. Biggest concern is remoteness. They do not have an airport. Toledo is closest but expensive and infrequent service. Toledo is better airport but is 70 miles away from the campus. Board needs to balance all of the positives of this location (meal plan, camping outside gym, hotels, dorms, great facilities) against the distance it takes to get there. Decision to be made at or right after the fest in July.

Mike visited Lexington site also. Lexington feels strongly they can make the IJA even more happy in 2013. Hyatt is newly renovated at prices offered that are lower than 2008 since internet is now included. Lexington Opera House was scheduled to be renovated in 2008. Has now received 30 million dollar renovation. Same terms as 2008 in Opera House. No food and beverage requirement which we had in 2008. Airport has also been completed renovated and upgraded. All these renovations were made for the World Equestrian Competitions.

Mike suggests that we go back to Lexington in 2013. Then consider either Rochester, MN or Bowling Green for 2014 and not exercise option to return to Winston-Salem a fourth time.

Financial (Kevin McBeth & Holly Greeley)... Financial Statements were in email earlier this week to board members. They will be posted on the website soon. 990 return due by May 15 and is being worked on. Because money is tight send any large amounts through her before making purchases.

Website Team (David Landowne, Martin Frost, Mike Sullivan)... Martin, David and Mike had conference call with We Trochill. He has given all the right answers and seems sincere and competent. He has worked with other organizations like ours. His proposal was posted to board plus. Recommended that we accept option 3 of the proposal for needs analysis and good/better/best scenario for the IJA.

Membership (Marilyn Sullivan)...

# member records 1273

# members 1524

# youths 84

# families 178

Festival registrations report

# Fest regs 152

# special workshops 5

# benefit show tickets 51

Education (Kevin Axtell/Erin Stephens)... YEP has been awarded the first grant for the Boulder pod ($1,300). Three other grants are filled out and we're waiting to hear about these. Joyce Axtell is truly professional and organized. Erin designed a website specifically for YEP to post pictures and feedback and planning for the upcoming year. We're hoping to get t-shirts made specifically for YEP for sales at the fest.

Marketing/Promotions (Thom Wall)... Video Tutorial Contest was very successful. There were 68 videos, over 40-something video creators, just over 1400 unique IP addresses voting, 2232 votes were cast (up to 3 votes allowed per person). Results were posted 2-3 days after voting ended. Slow down with voting service because of another group. Recommended that we scrap popular vote thing for next year and go to judges with a small popular vote component. "Campaigning" has become an issue.

WJD is behind where Thom would like to be at the moment. Program needs to be refocused as more of a global community thing rather than just a big raffle. Thinking about ways to help make the juggling community grow. Best way to do that is through youth education. Trying to make WJD have a tie-in as a fundraiser for YEP through sales of shirts. People have asked Thom about the classic IJA logo shirt. Proceeds to go toward YEP program. Video "essay" thing (similar to Flow Toys project) to also boost juggling community feel.


A. Motion to approve hiring AMS Consultant, Wes Trochlil, to work with the website committee on the needs of the IJA and our website.

Motion: Thom W.
Second: Erin S.
Discussion: Erin wishes to add that we need to make sure iiWii is wiling to fund this.

Ammended Motion: Motion to approve hiring AMS Consultant, Wes Trochlil, to work with the website committee on the needs of the IJA and our website contigent upon funding by iiWii.

Motion: Thom W.
Second: Erin S.

Discussion: Thom questioned the appearance of the new website. Shouldn't the website design come first then look at the AMS? Mike believes that these are one in the same and that the background things will happen at the same time as the design happens. The system is highly customizable and we just need to stipulate what we want and need.

Vote: approved unanimously

B. Motion to approve purchase of 15 IRC medals from Maxwell Medals and Awards at a cost of $8.50 per medal plus $10 shipping fee. Total cost estimated at $137.50.

Motion: Kevin A.
Second: Thom W.
Discussion: Thom is taking care of the vector image. No set-up fee. Donors have volunteered to sponsor this amount so this will not need to come out of the general fund.

Vote: approved unanimously

C. Motion to approve a working budget of 50 euro per week for the next two months (total approximately $585) so Niels Duinker can create IJA international promotional materials (i.e. – posters, ads, etc.).

Motion: Thom W.
Second: Erin S.
Discussion: This is a request through email from Niels to do posters and ads in several different languages. Fee is essentially for an art person to do the layout. Thom sees this as a great idea but the board needs to have control over the text presented.

Ammended Motion: Motion to approve a working budget of 50 euro per week for the next two months (total approximately $585) so Niels Duinker can create IJA international promotional materials (i.e. – posters, ads, etc.) with content receiving prior approval by the IJA board.

Motion: Thom W.
Second: Erin S.

Discussion: Can we give Niels a smaller amount now and then add to it later? What part would go toward facebook production? How much toward other promotions? Can we get more of a breakdown? Thom volunteered to act as a board liaison so Niels has one contact person. Discussion continued about whether to give full amount requested or only partial budget. Will the items created by the artist be available to be utilized by us as well?

Ammended Motion: Motion to approve a working budget of $300 so Niels Duinker can begin create IJA international promotional materials (i.e. – posters, ads, etc.) with content receiving prior approval by the IJA board.

Motion: Thom W.
Second: Erin S.

Vote: approved unanimously

D. Motion to approve Joyce Axtell, IJA Grant Writer, receive 5% for any grant $5,000 and under and 10% for any grant over $5,000.

Motion: Thom W.
Second: Erin S.
Discussion: These amounts were Joyce's suggestions. For the grant we have already received that totals $65. Thom expressed this is great and this is money we would not be receiving otherwise. Good value for the amount of work Joyce is doing for the IJA.

Vote: approved unanimously


Magazine Discussion (continued from last month's meeting)... A lot of information was emailed out from former contracts and what has been done in the past. We need to start looking at what direction we want to take. Let's start discussing the magazine and options online.

Audited Financials often needed for grants. It has been brought up by past boards. It is something that we should do at some point soon.

NEXT MEETING: Next regular BOD meeting will be held May 18, 2011 at 8:15 pm eastern time.

10. ADJOURNMENT: Thom W. moved to adjourn the meeting. Second by Kevin A.. Meeting adjourned at 9:30pm eastern time.

Previous minutes: March 16, 2011 |List of available minutes  |Next minutes: May 18, 2011
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