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IJA Publications History

The Summer 1987 edition of Juggler's World provides a history of Juggle magazines which is briefly reprised below.

In October 1944 Roger Montandon began publishing the Juggler's Bulletin - "The only publication in the world devoted exclusively to the concerns of Jugglers". In the June 1947 issue there is a report of the first IJA business meeting where the Juggler's Bulletin was chosen as official organ. The Bulletin continued monthly, with a few gaps, until September 1949.

At the 1949 Annual Business meeting held during the Convention in Jamestown, New York it was decided to publish a monthly Newsletter to supplement the Jugglers' Bulletin published by Roger Montandon. The IJA Newsletter was produced by many different editors until mid-1981 when the focus was changed from the newsletter-style to a magazine with international scope.

Juggler's World made its appearance with Vol. 33, No.5 in October of 1981, the numbering is a continuation from the Newsletter. Bill Giduz was the editor and publisher until the Winter '97 - Spring '98 Issue (49/4).

In December 1997 the IJA Board of Directors worked on a contract with Stan Allan & Associates to publish a new IJA magazine that would be called Juggle as the successor to Juggler's World. In 2002 Alan Howard took over as editor/publisher until the last issue, Spring 2012.

In September 2006 the IJA began emailing eNewsletters to the members and archiving them on this website.

On January 1, 2012 the IJA launched an internet based magazine, an ezine, named eJuggle with Scott Seltzer as editor.

The IJA announced its presence on the WWW on Jun 13 1996. The first IJA Discussion Forum began on October 26, 1997. Earlier IJA web presence was on the Juggling Information Service, rec.juggling, a listserv and ftp sites at the University of Indiana. The Juggling Information Service has archived much of this early material and provides Search and Browse functionality.

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