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Publication Date Cover
IJA Newsletter 32/1 January 1980 Roster (not shown) Amherst Convention
IJA Newsletter 32/2 February 1980 Franco wins World Championship Philosophy of Ignatov
IJA Newsletter 32/3 May 1980 The Sikorskys Juggling drama students
IJA Newsletter 32/4 June 1980 Fargo Preview
IJA Newsletter 32/6 Oct 1980 Juggling in China
IJA Newsletter 32/7 December 1980 Roster (not shown) Photos and news
IJA Newsletter 33/1 March 1981 Barnum Harry Baker
IJA Newsletter 33/2 May 1981 Francis Brunn interview
IJA Newsletter 33/4 June 1981 IJA Personalities
Juggler's World 33/5 October, 1981 Cleveland Convention Paul Cinquevalli Juggling around the World Loco-Motion Vaudeville
Juggler's World 34/1 January 1982 Lottie Brunn Interview Bobby May Dies Japanese Juggling Tricks Variations for Numbers Juggling
Juggler's World 34/2 March 1982 Santa Barbara Info Street Jugglers "Sugar Babies" Juggling Large Numbers Claude Shannon's Diorama
Juggler's World 34/3 May 1982 Michael Moschen Physics of Juggling Performing in Japan Mark Neisser
Juggler's World 34/4 Sept 1982 Santa Barbara Convention Juggling & Politics Airjazz The Devil Stick Edward Jackman
Juggler's World 34/5 Dec 1982 Visiting Europe Indian Street Juggler Butterfly Man MIT Juggling Club
Juggler's World 35/1 March 1983 Anthony Gatto Philippine Holiday Pirouettes by Dick Franco Groundhog Day Festival
Juggler's World 35/2 May 1983 Foolsfire Gatto & Franco W.C. Fields Viva Espana'
Juggler's World 35/3 September 1983 36th IJA Festival - SUNY Roger Dollarhide Kara Larry Vaksman
Juggler's World 35/4 December 1983 Eggbert Sayers Laval European Convention Master Chang Claude Shannon's Juggling Machine
Juggler's World 36/1 March 1984 Eskimo Juggling Faneuil Hall Juggle Bug Gatto and Ignatov
Juggler's World 36/2 June 1984 No Elephant Circus Rastelli Nicaraguan Juggler Drexel Hill, PA Jugglers
Juggler's World 36/3 Fall 1984 Las Vegas Convention Results Albert Lucas G. W. Goss
IJA Bulletin 1 / 1 September 1984
Juggler's World 36/4 Winter 1984-85 Frankfurt Convention San Francisco Jugglers Todd Smith Wally Eastwood
Juggler's World 37/1 Spring 1985 Holly Greeley Homer Stack Wandering Jugglers Atlanta Convention
IJA Bulletin 2 / 1 March 1985
Juggler's World 37/2 Summer 1985 Juggling in Space Chinese Juggler Za Shua Penn & Teller
Juggler's World 37/3 Fall 1985 Atlanta Convention Results Combat Guinness Records
Juggler's World 37/4 Winter 1986 Karamazov Brothers Belgium Festival Popovitch Theme Park Juggling
Juggler's World 38/1 Spring 1986 Juggling & Health Francis Brunn Avner the Eccentric
IJA Bulletin 2 (3) / 1 April 1986
Juggler's World 38/2 Summer 1986 Hassan Tombs Dynamotion Felix Adenos
Juggler's World 38/3

Fall 1986

San Jose Convention Results


Dai Shuchang's Flying Boards


Key West




Moscow Circus

Juggler's World 38/4 Winter 1986 - 87 Vancouver World's Fair Michael Chirrick Donnia Ray Smith Karamazovs Enrico Rastelli
Juggler's World 39/1 Spring 1987 Pickle Family Circus Baton Twirling Airjazz Interview San Diego's Streets Trouble in Barcelona
Juggler's World 39/2 Summer 1987 "Ruby Anniversary" 40th Anniversary Issue
Juggler's World 39/3 Fall 1987 Akron Convention Rudy Horn Juggling for Sandanistas Steve Ragatz Amazon Juggling
Juggler's World 39/4 Winter 1987-88 Ignatov Tours Saintes Convention Symbolism of Juggling Power of Laugher & Play
Juggler's World 40/1

Spring 1988


Sandy Brown & Karen Quest


Dube Club Patent


How Good are Great Jugglers?

Juggler's World 40/2   Summer 1988 Dick Franco Ray Wold Frank Olivier Basic Choreography
Juggler's World 40/3 Fall 1988 Raspyni Brothers Denver Convention Ignatov on Numbers
Juggler's World 40/4 Winter 1988-89 Juggling Glasnost European Convention Halifax Buskers Patron Saint of Juggling
Juggler's World 41/1   Spring 1989 European Circus Festivals Gatto gets a car Cruise ships Laura Green
Juggler's World 41/2 Summer 1989

Kris Kremo

Fred Garbo

Juggler's World 41/3 Fall 1989

Cindy Marvell

Baltimore Convention

Benny Reehl on "Importance of Performance"

Halifax Buskers

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