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IJA Board Meeting - March 25, 2003

Present: Directors Paul Richmond (Chair), Andy Ford, Bill Ritchie, Ben Schoenberg, Dave Davis, Jaye Butler, and Scott Slesnick. Also Norman Schneiderman (General Manager). Director and Founder Art Jennings is feeling ill and will not attend.
(Times are minutes:seconds from beginning of recording.)

(1) Benefits of Membership
(2) World Juggling Day

12:40 - Meeting called to order.
Discussion of agenda.
27:00 - Jaye loses contact.
29:00 - Jaye regains contact.
46:00 - Discussion of magazine issues/concerns/costs.
94:00 - Discussion of World Juggling Day (WJD).
114:00 - Bill, Jaye and Paul state for the record that they want to support WJD for 2003.
130:15 - Scott moves that The Board of Directors supports the current WJD budget.
139:50 - Scott amends to add ...as presented to the Board on August 25, 2002.
140:23 - Motion approved unanimously, no abstentions.
141:30 - Ben moves that The IJA asks Stan Allen and Stagewrite Publishing to produce a July/August 2003 issue of JUGGLE magazine under the same terms as the May/June 2003 issue.
143:20 - Jaye loses contact.
143:30 - Jaye regains contact.
143:35 - Jaye loses contact and is unable to reconnect. Discussion.
149:00 - Paul calls meeting to adjourn. Discussion.
157:20 - Ben calls for a vote. Discussion.
163:20 - Scott moves to table the issue. Discussion.
166:45 - Jaye regains contact.
170:00 - Jaye loses contact. Paul and Norman lose contact.
173:05 - Paul regains contact.
175:45 - Paul calls to adjourn. The call is terminated by the Chair.

Previous minutes: March 24, 2003 | List of available minutes | Next minutes: April 2, 2003
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