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IJA Board Meeting - July 17, 2003

Held in Reno festival gym in Reno, Nevada

Present: Ben Schoenberg, chair pro-tem; Jaye Butler, David Davis, Andrew Conway, Greg Phillips, Scott Slesnick (via cell phone), Ben Schoenberg, Todd Strong, directors; Norm Schneiderman, general manager; Katje Sabin, acting recording secretary; also several members observing throughout.

Call to order: Meeting called to order at 12:55pm PDT.

Election of Board Chair:
Greg nominates Dave. Dave accepts.
Jaye nominates Scott. Ben contacts Scott via cell phone. Scott accepts.
Voting for Dave: Dave, Andrew, Greg, Scott, Ben, Todd
Voting for Scott: Jaye
Dave is elected chair for the 2003-2004 year.

(Scott is excused from the remainder of the meeting and Ben closes the phone connection.)

Agenda: A proposed agenda is created.
Agenda accepted by unanimous consent

Minutes: Previous meetings: The board does not at this time consider the minutes of the previous meetings.


Bud's Kids/Randi Project: Bud Markowitz is present.

Jaye moves the following: At Bud Markowitz's request, the board of the IJA hereby agrees that effective July 20, 2003, the names Bud's Kids, The Randi Project and/or any likeness will no longer be used by the IJA to raise funds. The remaining monies in these funds (controlled by the IJA) will be disbursed in the spirit of the funds they were raised for, including the immediate disbursement of $3,000 to Paul Arneberg (doing business as Jughead Youth Juggling Company) to provide equipment and/or scholarships for needy youth, and the balance of the funds to purchase juggling balls to be donated to the Special Olympics. Bud Markowitz retains the ownership and the right to use the names Bud's Kids and The Randi Project to raise funds in the future for the charities of his choice.

Dave opens the floor for non-BOD comment. Jughead parent Doug Watson offers to answer questions.

Andrew amends the motion to add: The IJA expresses its thanks to Bud Markowitz for his work on these wonderful projects. Jaye agrees.
Aye: Jaye, Andrew, Greg, Ben, Todd
Abstain: Dave
Motion carries.

Transition Issues: Outgoing General Manager Norm Schneiderman expresses concern about various transition issues. Greg volunteers to meet with Norm and act as a liaison during the transition period. Norm agrees.

New Officers: After some discussion, it is agreed that there are three basic types of officers based upon urgency of appointment. The board agrees that the offices of Recording Secretary, Webmaster and Archive Director can, or need to be, filled immediately. The offices of Treasurer, Membership Coordinator, and Merchandise Manager should be filled before the conclusion of the festival (and all six of these positions will be considered on a pro-tem basis, to be filled for the next year within approximately a month from today's meeting). Other less urgent offices can be listed as available via the web site and at the festival, and can be appointed directly within the next month: Festival Coordinator, Magazine Liaison, World Juggling Day Chair, Affiliate Director, and others.

Recording Secretary, pro-tem: Greg nominates Katje Sabin as pro-tem recording secretary. Katje accepts.
Aye: Andrew, Greg, Ben, Todd
Nay: Jaye
Abstain: Dave
Katje is appointed pro-tem recording secretary.

Archive Director: Greg nominates Braidy Brown as archive director (note: Braidy is not present to accept or decline).
Aye: Jaye, Andrew, Greg, Ben, Todd
Abstain: Dave
Braidy is appointed archive director.

(At this point in the meeting, Dave clarifies that it is his intent to act primarily as a board facilitator, and in an attempt to remain neutral, will refrain from voting unless his vote is needed to break a tie).

Webmaster: Andrew nominates Martin Frost. Martin accepts.
Aye: Andrew, Greg, Ben, Todd
Abstain: Jaye
Martin is appointed Webmaster.

Andrew moves to direct outgoing Secretary/Treasurer Richard Dingman to contact our Internet service provider (Verio) and instruct them to list Martin as the technical consultant for the IJA. Greg seconds the motion.
Motion carries by unanimous consent.

Other positions: Katje is instructed to make a sign to post at the festival calling for volunteers for the positions of Treasurer, Member Coordinator, and Merchandise Manager. Marty Larsen, outgoing Webmaster, agrees to post this information on the IJA web site.

(5-minute recess)

Next Meeting: Contingent on notification of Scott, the board agrees to waive the 3-day notice requirement, and to meet at 4:30pm PDT, Friday, July 18, 2003, in the Reno festival gym.

Adjournment: Meeting adjourned by unanimous consent at 2:40pm PDT.

Respectfully submitted,

Katje Sabin
IJA recording secretary, pro-tem

Previous minutes: July 10, 2003 | List of available minutes | Next minutes: July 18, 2003
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