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IJA Board Meeting - July 19, 2003

Held in Reno festival gym in Reno, Nevada

Present: David Davis, chair; Jaye Butler, Andrew Conway, Greg Phillips, Ben Schoenberg, Todd Strong, directors; Martin Frost, webmaster; Norm Schneiderman, general manager; Katje Sabin, recording secretary; also several members observing throughout.

Call to order: Meeting called to order at 2:06pm PDT.

Agenda: Several updates were made to the agenda.
The agenda was accepted by unanimous consent


Meeting of July 18, 2003: Several corrections were made.
The corrected minutes of the July 18, 2003, meeting were accepted by unanimous consent.


Transition Liaison: Greg has continued to meet with the staff during this festival. Ginny will close out this festival, and send the documents relating to Buffalo, 2004, to Greg (including signed contracts with the hotel and venue), who will forward them to the board. Greg recommends that a secretary position be created to deal with other functions not related to membership and merchandise.

General Manager: Norm reports that the final festival attendance was 559 jugglers, and 246 spectators, as of 4pm Saturday, July 19, 2003 (at the close of registration).

Web Presence Committee Chair: Martin Larsen read a letter of resignation (Attachment 1). Dave and the board thanked him for his service.

Affiliate Director: Eleanor Larsen read a letter of resignation (Attachment 2). Dave and the board thanked her for her service.


Member Coordinator:

Several members volunteer for this position, which will involve maintaining the membership database, processing renewals and new members, sending labels to the magazine publisher and to festival promoters, and assisting with preparing the roster information. The current database in is FileMakerPro format. Both members appear qualified for the position. One volunteer suggests that her and her fiance's skills might be better used as grant writers, and thus both volunteers' efforts can be used.

Andrew nominates Mike Sullivan as member coordinator pro-tem.
Mike Sullivan is appointed member coordinator pro-tem by unanimous consent.

Grant Writers:

Andrew nominates Kim Laird and Rob Barowski as grant writers pro-tem.
Kim Laird and Rob Barowski are appointed grant writers pro-tem by unanimous consent.


Andrew volunteers to act as temporary pro-tem treasurer until a suitable volunteer has been found. Greg nominates Andrew as treasurer pro-tem, with the intent to replace with a volunteer if one appears in the short term.
Aye: Andrew, Greg, Ben, Todd
Abstain: Jaye, Dave
The motion carries. Andrew is appointed treasurer pro-tem.

Merchandise Manager:

The merchandise manager will store, receive orders, and ship merchandise. The money will go to the treasurer. There are informal discussions going on with Alan Plotkin, who is willing to take on this job for pay. Ben is willing to help but hesitant to take on another job at this time. For now, Andrew has volunteered to store the merchandise in his home. It is proposed to delay this appointment until more volunteers can be sought via the web site, and that the appointment be made at the next meeting.
This appointment is postponed by unanimous consent.



After much discussion, with many members offering input, Andrew moves that the IJA ask Stagewrite Publishing to publish three further editions of JUGGLE Magazine over the next six months, under the terms of the unsigned contract, and without prejudice to any legal consequences of Stagewrite's resignation; that the IJA will use the intervening time to negotiate a long-term relationship with Stagewrite or another publisher.

Greg amends the motion to add "that Stagewrite is to be given until the first day of August, 2003, to respond to this proposal;" between the first and second sentences. Andrew accepts the amendment.
Aye: Andrew, Greg, Ben, Todd
Nay: Jaye
Motion carries.

Jaye wishes the following statement to be entered into the record: "I voted against this motion because the board has not examined the financial condition of the organization to determine the current financial status."

Andrew wishes the following statement to be entered into the record: " The board did attend the annual meeting of the membership, at which a full financial report was presented."

Bylaws Proposal:

Robert M. Puhalla, Russ O'Brien, Christopher Thaxter and Kathy Kaufman have volunteered to serve on a Bylaws Revision Committee.
Item postponed by unanimous consent.


Festival Coordinator:

Jaye moves to create the fulltime position of festival coordinator, and to reinstate Ginny Rose in this position, with the same responsibilities, authority, and compensation, in effect as of July 20, 2003. Several members speak on this issue during discussion.

Jaye wishes the following statement to be entered into the record:

"Bill Ritchie and I only supported the July 10th motion to eliminate the full time paid staff positions, because a Director (David Davis) reported that the employees of the IJA would be fired by the voting members at the Annual Meeting on July 16th. We did not believe that this was in the best interest of the IJA for the following reasons:

Voting members did not have the power of authority to terminate the employment of the current Festival Coordinator, Secretary/Treasurer or General Manager. This proposed action compromised the IJA's financial resources by placing the organization at risk of legal liability.

The proposed expulsion of the Festival Coordinator from the Annual Festival during the middle of the event would have directly impacted the quality of services that our members would experience during the balance of the week."

Aye: Jaye
Nay: Andrew, Greg, Ben, Todd
Abstain: Dave
Motion fails.

Past BOD Recordings:

Greg moves, on behalf of Norm, that the recordings of all previous board meetings be posted on the IJA web site, provided that concurrence can be received from each person on the recording. Andrew amends the motion to read "made available" instead of "posted on the IJA web site." Greg accepts the amendment. Several members speak on this issue during the discussion.
Motion passes by unanimous consent.


The next meeting was scheduled for Thursday, July 24, 2003, at 6pm PDT. Agenda items and reports are due to the recording secretary by noon, July 23, 2003 (klsabin@dcn.org)


Meeting adjourned by unanimous consent at 5pm PDT.

Respectfully submitted,

Katje Sabin
IJA recording secretary, pro-tem

Attachment 1:

July 19, 2003

The Board of Directors of the International Juggler' (sic) Association,

I have recently been appointed as a charter member of the Internet Presence Committee of the International Jugglers' Association. It was an honor to be appointed to this position and I was looking forward to serving the origination (sic) in this capacity. The potential benefit to be provided to the IJA through the proper use of the Internet is boundless. This said, there is a philosophical divide between the majority of the current board and myself. One example was evident in the tactics used in the recent campaign, where the IJA discussion forum was acquired and used to seed an alternate forum. I should note that I do not have any problem with alternate points of view. I do, however, believe that the intellectual property of the membership was used without their permission and little regard to the membership as a whole. In the Board meeting of July 18, 2003, the Board voted to make drastic changes to the web site without consulting the Internet committee. For these reasons, I am resigning from my position as chairman of the Internet Presence Committee effective immediately.

Benn Kobb has been a great asset the Internet committee (sic). His experience and expertise are invaluable. Since the election, I talked with Benn about the recent events. I do not feel it is proper for me to speak to his motives, as I cannot do him justice. He has informed me that he is also resigning his position from the Internet Presence Committee.

Martin Larsen

Attachment 2:

July 19, 2003

The Board of Directors of the International Juggler' (sic) Association,

I became an IJA member after two years of researching the organization and its focus. Through direct communication with Art Jennings, I concluded his intentions when organizing this association and his vision for its potential was (sic) consistent with my own. Our interaction has been a delightful education for me. Art encouraged me and inspired my dedication to keeping his dream alive. My respect and affection for Art Jennings will not waiver (sic).

Reading the archives of the discussion forum, the private forum, past minutes and the available recordings of past Board of Director meetings of the IJA has given me a unique perspective of past events. That understanding combined with observation of the reclamation team, its candidates and my own experience on non profit boards has led me to conclude the IJA cannot thrive under the guidance of the majority of the new board. Research reveals that there is an inappropriate role model for our youth currently serving on the board. This is inconsistent with the focus of family values in the IJA and a potential source of detriment to our youth members who are the future of juggling.

I take positions of service seriously. After appointment to the post of Affiliate Director, I volunteered over 180 hours over a seven-week period to research different opportunities that would mutually benefit the IJA and its affiliates. I was in the process of successfully negotiating sponsorship of these programs, so the IJA could implement them without expending IJA financial resources. I did not have an opportunity to share the full details of this information at the Affiliate meeting due to interference for a former Affiliate Director who also refused to provide me with the attendance list of the meeting.

I do not believe I can effectively work for the betterment of the IJA due to the issues mentioned above. I, therefore, resign my position as Affiliate Director effective July 20, 2003. I cannot have my reputation, personal and professional, impacted by association with persons of this caliber as it implies my support of their methods.

It has been a privilege to contribute my experience, time and energy to the IJA. Its dedication to the promotion of juggling skills has been a source of pleasure in my life. I would like to express my respect and appreciation for Art Jennings, Ginny Rose, Richard Dingman, Norman and Becky Schniderman (sic), Bill Ritchie, Jaye Butler, Paul Richmond, Bud Markowitz and Braidy Brown. Should any of these individuals ever feel my experience and dedication would be of service to the juggling community in the future, I would be honored to serve by their side.

Respectfully Submitted,

Eleanor Larsen

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