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IJA Board Meeting - June 8, 2004

Present: Dave Davis, Chairman; Jaye Butler, Andrew Conway, Bob Neuman, Ben Schoenberg, Scott Slesnick, Todd Strong, Directors. Katje Sabin, Recording Secretary.

Call to order: The meeting was called to order at 9:37pm EDT.

Approval of Agenda: The agenda was accepted as amended by unanimous consent.

Approve May 4th 2004 Minutes Meeting of May 4, 2004. The minutes were approved as corrected by unanimous consent.


Insurance Dave has been continuing to investigate insurance for IJA events and its Affiliates.

Status of Taxes Dave reported that Treasurer Dan Howard filed for a 3 month extension on filing the IJA taxes. If he can get a volunteer tax preparer, he will. Otherwise, he will go with last years paid preparer.


Product Sponsorships Andrew has no motion and would like to wait for more information.

Awards The Awards Committee has submitted its recommendations for the 2004 IJA Awards to the Board of Directors.

Dave moved that the Board of Directors accept the recommendations of the Awards Committee.

Jaye moved that the Board move into Executive Session.

(Vote on moving into Executive Session)

  • Yes: Jaye, Ben, Scott, Todd
  • No: Andrew, Bob
  • Abstain: Dave

The motion passed.

The Board moved into Executive Session at 10:05pm EDT.

The Board moved out of Executive Session at 10:20pm EDT.

(Vote on accepting the recommendations of the Awards Committee)

  • Yes: Andrew, Bob, Ben, Scott, Todd
  • No: Jaye
  • Abstain: Dave

The motion passed.

"The Jugglers that Jugglers Watch" Video Todd moved that the Board contract Alan Plotkin to produce a DVD version of Jugglers that Jugglers Watch.

Bob offered the following amendment: ... to be ready for the Buffalo festival, if feasible. Todd accepts the amendment.

The motion passed by unanimous consent.


Club Renegade Andrew moved that the IJA cover any losses from two nights of Club Renegade shows, up to $500; that the IJA will promote Club Renegade; that the Renegades will run Club Renegade in accordance with local laws, applicable insurance restrictions, and the hosting bars standards.

  • Yes: Andrew, Bob, Scott, Todd
  • No: Jaye, Ben
  • Abstain: Dave

The motion passed.

Directors' Request for Documents Jaye moved to release the following documents to members of the board on the private forum:

  1. A copy of all IJA insurance policies including, but not limited to, the board policy and festival policy
  2. A copy of the Buffalo festival risk management plan to the extent to which it exists
  3. A copy of the Buffalo and Davenport festival contracts as they become available
  4. A copy of all other contracts entered into by the IJA, the chairman of the board, other directors and/or any staff member on behalf of the IJA since 7/13/2003
  5. A copy of all video releases available for existing and/or proposed videos or a list of all individuals who have signed releases to date
  6. A copy of the letter from the Chicago juggling club requesting a refund of membership dues for approximately fifty (50) members.
  • Yes: Jaye, Todd
  • No: Andrew, Bob, Ben, Scott, Dave

The motion failed.


The next Board meeting will be held at the Buffalo Festival.


The meeting was adjourned at 11:49pm EDT.

Previous minutes: May 4, 2004 | List of available minutes | Next minutes: June 22, 2004
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