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IJA Board Meeting - March 15, 2006

1. CALL TO ORDER: David Davis called the meeting to order at 8:05 p.m. Eastern time.


Present: David Davis, chair; Tim Furst, Joyce Howard, Kim Laird, Jerry Martin, Jim Maxwell, Bob Neuman, board members; Stan Allen, JUGGLE magazine publisher

Absent: none

3. APPROVAL OF AGENDA: Agenda approved by unanimous consent.

4. PREVIOUS MINUTES: Minutes of the February 15, 2006 meeting approved by unanimous consent.


JUGGLE magazine - Possible contract extension with JUGGLE magazine was discussed with Stan Allen.

Finances - Kim Laird is working on form 990 for 2005. Bob Neuman is working with Andrew Conway on getting new signatory for NetBank.

Festivals: 2006 - no report

Championships / Competitions - no report

Operations/Volunteers/Organization - no report

Merchandising - Joyce Howard is coordinating transfer of some of our merchandise from Steve Healy to Sandy Brown.


Volunteer Letter Letter will be forwarded to membership after being previewed on the discussion forum.


7a. Video Coordinator - Joyce Howard moves that Andrew Conway be appointed the IJA Video Coordinator with the goal and job description as follows:

  • Solicit proposals for video production, and make recommendations to the board
  • Negotiate video contracts and submit to board for approval
  • Provide assistance to videographers during IJA festival
  • Review videos prior to publication, to ensure that they are accurate and meet the IJA's standards for quality and content
  • Manage video packaging and artwork
  • Act as relationship manager with wholesale customers
  • Negotiate contracts concerning videos and IJA footage
  • Work with the merchandise coordinator on pricing and marketing of videos
  • Submit proposals to the board for other video projects

Motion approved by unanimous consent.

7b. IJA Coordinator for Regional Festivals - Joyce Howard moves that we appoint John Satriano for the position of IJA Coordinator for Regional Festivals with the goal and job description as follows:

  • Contact regional festival organizers and have DVDs and door prizes shipped to them
  • Make sure festival organizers understand the new member incentive program and follow up afterwards

Motion approved by unanimous consent.

7c. IJA JUGGLE Negotiator - Jim Maxwell moves that Kim Laird be given the authority to negotiate an extension with Stagewrite and to explore other options if needed. Motion approved by unanimous consent.

7d. Hiring 990 tax expert - Kim Laird moves for the IJA to allot up to $1200 (the original price quote received) to pay Mr. Jon Miller to prepare formal accounting of the 2005 financial records and prepare/submit the IJA's 990 forms for said year. Motion approved by unanimous consent.

7e. MMCC proposal - We discussed Steven Ragatz's proposal for the IJA to support the Mobile Mini Circus for Children. MMCC is an Afghan-International non-profit organization that uses the medium of juggling and circus arts to help children traumatized by wars to heal, build self-esteem and hope, and to express themselves. Tim Furst will forward information to all board members about non-profit sponsorship. Vote by board members can take place on the forum.

8. NEXT MEETING: Next meeting will be held at 8 p.m. Eastern time April 19, 2006.

9. ADJOURNMENT: Jerry Martin moved to adjourn. Meeting was adjourned at 9:34 p.m. Eastern time by unanimous consent.

Respectfully submitted,
Jim Maxwell

Previous minutes: Feb. 15, 2006  | List of available minutes | Next minutes: April 19, 2006
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