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61st IJA Festival
July 14-20, 2008
Lexington, Kentucky


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Festival pre-registartion is now closed. You can register on site at the festival starting Monday afternoon July 14.

The 61st Annual IJA Juggling Festival will be held July 14-20, 2008, in Lexington, Kentucky, in the large, well-lit, climate-controlled juggling space of the Lexington Convention Center. Specially invited guests include:

  • Performers from Ecole de Cirque de Quebec (Quebec Circus School)
  • Niels Duinker
  • Casey Boehmer

Festival highlights:

  • Free juggling on Monday
  • Dozens of workshops Tuesday through Saturday
  • Joggling Championships on Tuesday morning
  • Special Workshop: Juggling University by Michael Karas, Sean Blue and Jim Barlow on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
  • Renegade Shows on Tuesday and Wednesday nights
  • Youth Showcase and Juniors Championships on Wednesday evening
  • Planting the Juggling Seed kids' show Thursday morning
  • Individual Prop Competition on Thursday afternoon
  • Teams and Individuals Championships on Thursday evening
  • Auction Friday morning
  • Numbers Championships Friday afternoon
  • XJuggling Friday afternoon
  • Cascade of Stars on Friday evening
  • IJA Games on Saturday morning and afternoon
  • Awards Banquet & Show on Saturday evening

If you want a convenient printout of all IJA festival information, download the 6-page festival brochure and registration form (PDF), which will also be included in the Spring 2008 JUGGLE magazine.

You can Register Online now (or mail or fax the registration form in the brochure).

Register by June 15 to get pre-registration pricing. Prices go up on June 16. Youth Groups of 10 or more can register at the special Youth Group rate through June 1 — contact Richard Kennison for Youth Group details: festival2008.

Mailed or faxed registrations must be received by July 1 (use the registration form in the brochure).

Festival Event Packages and individual ticket sales will be available at the Lexington Convention Center beginning at Noon on Monday, July 14.

Hotel reservations must be made separately. Be sure to mention the International Jugglers' Association to get the IJA hotel rates. (The airport is Lexington, Kentucky — airport code LEX.)

Join us in Lexington for our 61st Annual Fest!

Important Competition Rules Changes

Preliminary Judging will be via DVD. To enter the Stage Championships, you must submit, by June 9, six copies of a DVD showing your act (actual costume, music and routine). The video on DVD must be from a single continuous shot of your act, with no editing at all. The top acts will be selected for the stage finals in each category. For more info, see the Stage Championships details.

Copyrighted music is allowed in the Stage Championships and the Individual Prop Competition but may be overdubbed on the fest DVDs. Competitors may use any music for which the IJA or the competitor has procured live performance rights. If a competitor has not procured adequate publishing rights, music will be replaced with royalty free music on IJA DVDs. For details, see the Competitions Music Policy.

IJA 2008 Festival Schedule

2008 IJA Festival Schedule of Events

July 14
July 15
July 16
July 17
July 18
July 19
July 20
10am: Facility Open 9am-5pm: Registration 9am-5pm: Registration 9am-5pm: Registration 9am-5pm: Registration 9am-5pm: Registration  
Noon-5pm: Registration 9am-noon: Joggling 10am: Affiliates
Noon: Business Meeting
11am: Planting the Juggling Seed 10am-Noon: IJA Auction 10:30am-Noon: Endurance
Noon-3pm: Numbers Championships 1-4pm: IJA Games FREE JUGGLING
      3-5pm: Individual Prop Competition 4-6pm: XJuggling 4pm: Big
Toss-Up photo follows games
3pm: Gym closes. See you next year!
  8pm: Welcome Show 7pm: Youth Showcase
7pm: Teams & Individuals Championships 8pm: Cascade of Stars 7pm: Awards Banquet & Show  
  Midnight: Renegade Show Midnight: Renegade Show        

All schedules and guests are subject to change without notice.