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Special Guests

IJA Festival
July 16-22, 2012

The IJA festival in Winston-Salem will feature great artiists from all over the world. Full details on all of our Special Guests will be in your festival program when you arrive in Winston-Salem. Here's a partial list:

Pavel Evsukevich • Ryan Mellors • Fer Sumano • Freddy Kenton •
Cie Ea Eo (Eric Longequel, Jordaan De Cuyper, Sander De Cuyper, and Bram Dobbelaere)

Pavel Evsukevich

Pavel Evsukevich

Currently one of the most technically proficient and astounding performers on the planet, Pavel began his professional career at the age of 15 when he entered Moscow Circus School.

Arriving in Moscow, he met his teacher Igor Teplov, one of the best jugglers on horses in the history of Russian Circus. Igor Teplov saw the talent in the young boy and took him as his student. At that point Pavel was juggling with 7 balls and 6 rings but was still far from world-class level.

His daily training was established as 5 to 7 hours. Some days Pavel got carried away and trained for 14 hours! Igor started working first of all on Pavel’s juggling technique followed by balance training and bouncing ball juggling. After half a year of training, the talented student showed excellent results and was one of the best in the circus school. Three years later Pavel was invited in the Niculin Circus for personal training. His website is evsukevich.com

In addition to appearing in the Cascade of Stars, Pavel will teach a 3-day, 6-hour Special Workshop (separate registration fee required).

Ryan Mellors

Ryan Mellors

Ryan Mellors is a Canadian circus artist who specializes in manipulation and isolation. In 2006 he co-founded the Ministry of Manipulation, and he is one of the main administrators at www.contactjuggling.org. For more information, visit his website: www.ryanmellors.com. Check out his upcoming project, a graphic manipulation quartet with Okotanpe (jp), Pich(fr) and Pilolip(fr): www.piryokopi.net.

Fer Sumano

Fer Sumano

Fer Sumano identifies herself as a “psycho-hooper”. This 20 year-old Mexico City native started to play with hoops after she watched a video on the internet -– she found a hula hoop and started to watch tutorial videos, practicing on her house’s patio. She never took a workshop or took any classes for it. In school, they made fun of her for carrying her hoops around school.

The hooping community in Mexico being very small, Fer and a friend decided to start building it bigger. They started organizing a “Huladdiction” movement in Mexico. It’s been a year since they first started, and they now attract over six-hundred people to these events.

Fer started performing in shows as a part of the Huladdiction meetings. After that, she started presenting routines at variety shows in Mexico City. She gave a formal presentation at UNAM in March of 2011, and that April she started working for the company “Defectuoso Producciones” (Defective Productions), which is directed by Silvestre Mejia. She runs workshops and give presentations with them. Independently, she gives performances and workshops at local events, meetings, and other events.

It is her polished act and convincing win at the first IJA Regional Competition held last June in Guadalajara at the Barullo Circus Festival that earned her an invitation to perform at this year’s IJA festival.

Freddy Kenton

Freddy Kenton

Freddy Kenton was born in a circus setting. His parents were famous aerial acrobats by the name of "The Four Kentons", and they appeared in all major theatres like the Palladium in London and in circuses such as Cirque Medrano and the Moscow and Leningrad State Circus.

In 1953, when Freddy was 16 years old, he went with his parents and performed in an aerial act as part of the fabulous Ringling Brothers Barnum & Bailey in the USA. There he learned all the trades of the circus: tumbling, acrobatics and last but not least, entertainment. In the USA he saw all the great jugglers of that time, such as juggler Johnny Joanides. From that time on, he was hooked for life on juggling.

When back in Europe his star as a juggler rose rapidly, with appearances in all great houses like the Moulin Rouge in Paris, the Blackpool Tower Circus and innumerable shows. He was one of the first acts to win a prize at the Monte Carlo Circus Festival.

He is still going strong with a polished act, which includes spectacular tricks like piling up five champagne glasses on his head and finishing it off by throwing a champagne bottle on top of it.

Cie Ea Eo

Eo Eo

The company Ea Eo was founded by four jugglers: Eric Longequel, Jordaan De Cuyper, Sander De Cuyper, and Bram Dobbelaere. Their main essential language is juggling, permitting them to create and express themselves; it’s their own emotional vocabulary—fragility, rhythm, graphism, speed, impact, performance, suspension, balance, fall. Their website is: www.cieeaeo.com. You can also watch video of them at: www.youtube.com/watch?v=O0fY5ksMdkQ.

Check back for updated Special Guest info as the fest approaches!

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